OISE Community Wellness Survey

OISE Community

Dear members of the OISE community,

I write to you today to invite your suggestions and to share your experiences as we develop post-pandemic wellness programs and supports at OISE.

In November 2021, I formed a working group focused on post-pandemic wellness support for members of the community with an objective to develop programs and resources to help cultivate a culture of Readiness, Resilience, and Recovery as the community adapts to evolving learning and work arrangements. With membership representative of the diverse perspectives of the OISE community, the working group is guided by the following principles:
Consult & Communicate
Include & Respect Everyone
Build & Connect Community
Foster Resilience & Flexibility
The working group is consulting widely to ensure the resources and programs developed serve as many members of the community as possible. To that end, I encourage you to complete the working group’s survey at this link: https://redcap.utoronto.ca/surveys/?s=PXYCPK8YY4DW3MMR by Friday, May 13, 2022.
I look forward to learning more about the ways we can support the wellness of the community during this transitionary period.

Normand Labrie, Ph.D., FRSC
Professor and Interim Dean