OISE Council

The Council of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is the highest governing body regarding academic matters that oversees governance activities of the Faculty.

OISE Council and its Standing Committees make decisions about academic policies and priorities for teaching, learning and research at OISE. Council's specific responsibilities could be summarized as follows:

  • establish policies regarding academic matters
  • establish committees for the conduct of council business
  • advise the Dean on academic matters
  • approve and regulate standards of admissions
  • approve new or changes to the existing academic programs and units

Council is composed of 61 elected members (30 Teaching Staff, 1 Librarian, 5 Other Academic Appointees, 15 Graduate Students and 10 Administrative Staff), who are elected by their constituencies. There are 15 ex-officio members and 8 ex-officio (non-voting) members.

The OISE Council runs elections and by-elections for vacant elected positions on the OISE Council and Standing Committees alternately, each year in the early fall. The elections process is mostly electronic.

Teaching Staff, Librarians, Graduate Students and Administrative Staff members of Council may choose to serve one- or two-year terms. Other Academic Appointees serve one-year terms. 

There are a minimum of four governance meetings of Council each academic year (July 1 - June 30), and a schedule of meetings of the Faculty Council and its Standing Committees is circulated among the OISE community and posted on the governance website each year by the month of July. This year’s OISE Council and Committees meeting schedule

The Bylaws, which were last updated by OISE Council on October 30, 2019 govern the operating procedures for the OISE Council and Standing Committees. The Bylaws include rules for electing/appointing members, terms of office, mandate and membership of Standing Committees, and general operating procedures.

Membership & Meeting Dates

OISE Council (2023-2024)

Elected/Acclaimed & Ex-officio Members
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Standing Committees of Council (2023-2024)

Elected/Acclaimed & Ex-officio Members
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Meeting Schedule

In March 2020, OISE Council meetings moved to an online format, which improved attendance and engagement given the increased accessibility of virtual meetings. For 2023-2024, OISE’s academic leadership decided to alternate the format of Council meetings with both in-person and virtual meetings as suitable (e.g., the December and February meetings will be virtual to eliminate wintertime commute and increase attendance). The Standing Committees may offer hybrid participation options; please check with the relevant Committee Secretary closer to the meeting date to confirm details.

To ensure a positive experience for all members and guests, please review and observe the Participation Guidelines for Virtual Meetings of OISE Council.

All Council meetings take place from 3:00-5:00 p.m. EST on a Wednesday. OISE Council meeting dates for 2023-2024 (mark your calendars!):

October 18, 2023

December 13, 2023

February 21, 2024

April 24, 2024

Standing Committees

OISE Council establishes committees for the conduct of council business. The Council has the power to determine their composition and authority, as well as to disestablish them. General procedures and regulations including composition of standing committees are prescribed in the By-laws of the Council (last amended in October 2019). The Council may delegate authority over divisional academic policies to its Standing Committees. Decisions of the Committees of Council must be reported to the Council, either as items of information for minor items, or as recommendations on major changes for the approval of the Council.



Four Standing Committees of Council and their Mandates

  • Makes recommendations to Council on all matters of curriculum policy.
  • Reviews and recommends to Council for approval, subject to the approval of the appropriate body of Governing Council, proposals for new academic programs, proposals for the closure of any academic programs, and proposals for major modifications to existing academic programs.
  • Reviews and approves, on behalf of Council, proposals for minor modifications to academic programs.
  • Approves, on behalf of Council, minor changes to admissions requirements.
  • Makes recommendations to Council on admissions policy.
  • Reviews and recommends to Council the terms and conditions of new, and changes to existing, awards and award policies recommended by the Dean or his/her designate.
  • Identifies, discusses and advises Council on issues of equity, diversity and accessibility.
  • Makes recommendations to Council on equity policy and strategies as they pertain to teaching, learning and research activities at OISE.
  • Reviews outcomes of the nominations and elections process each year, and approves membership of the Standing Committees.
  • Sets the agenda for each Council meeting.
  • Ensures that adequate documentation is provided for consideration of each agenda item, and refers back to the originating administrator/governance body for further preparation any item deemed not ready for submission to Council.
  • Directs specific issues to Council or Committees, or to recommend to Council the creation of Special Committees.
  • Considers notices of motion given to Council.
  • During the summer months (i.e. following the last meeting of Council of one academic year and until the first meeting in the subsequent academic year), has authority to make decisions on behalf of Council on matters of urgency which do not permit their deferral until the next regular meeting of Council.
  • Reviews and advises Council on all proposed Constitution and By-Law changes, whether these be brought to Council or initiated by Council.
  • At periodic intervals of not more than five years, establishes a review of the Constitution and By-Laws and recommends to Council any changes deemed appropriate.
  • Monitors the functioning of Council and its Committees.
  • Identifies and recommends to Council general research priorities/initiatives for the Faculty.
  • Receives on behalf of Council regular reports from the Associate Dean, Research, outlining the extent to which the goals and objectives are being met in the implementation of OISE’s research priorities and initiatives.
  • Reviews and recommends to Council Faculty policies and procedures regulating the conduct of research, including those regarding the conduct of research in compliance with regulatory and statutory authorities.
  • Reviews and recommends to Council for approval, subject to the approval of the appropriate body of Governing Council, the establishments, renaming and disestablishment of research centres and institutes.
  • Advises Council on any other matters relating to research in the Faculty.




General questions about OISE Council or other governance matters (e.g. nominations and elections):