Smiling man with short hair in a black shirt with a white-trimmed collar
Partnership Coordinator and Lecturer

Kenneth McNeilly

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning


Ken McNeilly (PhD) is currently the Partnership Coordinator of the Master of Teaching (MT) Program and is responsible for all aspects of the MT practicum. Additionally, he is a member of the MT Leadership Team, assisting in the design and implementation of policies and structures to support the MT program. Along with these other roles, Ken is a sessional lecturer and -- most importantly -- a proud single dad, a role that keeps him busy, grounded, and optimistic about the future.

Scholarly & Creative Works

  • School Experiences of Canadian Adolescents with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Parents
    2017, Intercultural Education and Competences in a Global World (A. Portera)
    K. McNeilly, M. Ferrary
  • The Common Ground: A Musical Dissertation
    2017, ReView: An Anthology of Plays Committed to Social Justice (J. Grad ed)
    K. McNeilly

Teaching Interests

Ken is a sessional lecturer for the following MT courses:
CTL7001: Educational Professionalism, Ethics, and the Law (Course and Curriculum Development Lead)
CTL7011: Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
CTL7009: Anti-Discriminatory Education