Eco-Art: Keywords for a Just Recovery

This installation, OISE's first digital community artwork, explored how the visual arts, and by asociation art education, can contribute to a ‘Just’ recovery from the pandemic. It asked OISE students to consider how artists become activists in their communities to bring about change ona  range of social justice and ecojustice issues, using the pandemic as a turning point to re-imagine a more just and sustainable future. Inspired by issues important to them, OISE students created individual drawings, each geared to a 'keyword' (commonly used in academic literature searches), that were digitally collected into a collaborative installation. 

Video of the webinar that introduces this installation to the OISE community
Resource List from the Webinar

Contributing Artists:  OISE graduate students

Facilitators: OISE Faculty member Hilary Inwood and OISE grad student Ashley Sikorski.

Photos of this installation  are in process - those who have submitted images will be sent a link to the finished installation later in 2022.