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OISE - Initial Teacher Education

Why Choose OISE: Ten Reasons

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  OISE | oise.utoronto.ca

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, OISE offers...

Number 1A distinguished history -- a dynamic future

Teacher Education has been a central part of education at the University of Toronto since the implementation of the Degree of Pedagogy in 1894 and the establishment of the Faculty of Education since 1907. Since 1996 we have offered our teacher education programs at OISE, one of the largest faculties at the University, and one of the most research-intensive faculties of education in North America.

Number 2Two distinctive graduate-level teacher education programs to choose from

Our Master of Teaching (MT) and MA in Child Study and Education programs offer you the unique opportunity to earn both a graduate degree and to be eligible for teaching certification in Ontario. You can join OISE graduates who have leadership positions and advanced career within and beyond the field of education.

Learn about our programs:
Master of Teaching
MA in Child Study and Education


Number 3Seven shared principles underpin our teacher education programs

Seven principles, informed by research on best practices in teacher education, underpin both the Master of Teaching and MA in Child Study and Education:


Number 4Our students are great!

Our students are a diverse group of teacher candidates that show an openness and commitment to working towards equity in diverse classrooms and schools, and share the potential of becoming excellent teachers.

If you are curious about student life at OISE: Connect with a Student Ambassador
Our student ambassadors are current students who offer their authentic perspectives about being a graduate student at OISE.  By sharing their insights and experiences, they give you a little preview of  what may lie ahead for you at OISE.

Our ambassadors provide an interactive blog where you can learn about OISE from the unique student point-of-view. Their posts will cover topics such as student life in OISE; student, faculty and research profiles, academic and leisure events at OISE and the broader University of Toronto; and other interesting discoveries they make as an OISE student.

• Read their student blogs : http://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/ambassadors/


Number 5Specialized support services for Teacher Candidates

OISE Student Services  enhances the intellectual, professionaland career development of students as they engage in academic and professional learning at OISE with activities such as:

More Information: Student Services Home

Number 6The OISE Library: An internationally significant library and Canada’s largest education library

The OISE Library has a large specialized collection in the field of education including:

  • extensive reference materials
  • over 2,000 journal titles
  • current and historical curriculum materials and textbooks
  • curriculum software
  • specialized collections of children’s literature, modern languages, Franco-ontarienne and women’s studies materials
  • extensive multimedia resources
  • + access to the entire University of Toronto library system

More information: OISE Library: Services for Teacher Candidates


Number 7Education Commons: Information technology for the 21st century

Access to state-of-the-art technology and services for use in research, teaching, learning and community outreach in education.

More information: Education Commons Home

Number8Life at University of Toronto

Access to all of the services and resources of the University of Toronto including Hart House and and a broad range of leisure and competitive activities to support students in healthy and active lifestyles.

More information: Discover U of T Services @ The University of  Toronto 

Number 9Location, location, location...

OISE is located on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto.   Whether you are taking your program on campus or at one of our school-site locations and only coming in periodically, we are easy to get to. There is an exit into our building directly from the St. George subway station.

University of Toronto Campus Map


Number 10There is a place for you at OISE!

 If you are interested in OISE, then OISE is interested in you.

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NOTE: Important Information about OISE's Teacher Education Programs
The University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education has announced that it is phasing out its Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and Diploma programs in teacher education and is becoming an all-graduate institute of teaching, learning and research. 



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