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Guiding our students to success

The MA-CSE program philosophy is based on the belief that successful teaching requires a deep understanding of children. 

Our program’s strong focus on classroom practicum experience builds links to child development, research, and teaching and assessment practices and approaches. Teacher Candidates have the opportunity to acquire and consolidate professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes through a range of placement experiences over the two years of the program, supported and supervised by extraordinary Associate Teachers and Practicum Coordinators.

Information for Associate Teachers

In Year 1, practicum expectations are based on a growth mindset and build over time beginning with a focus on observation in the classroom.  Teacher Candidates then proceed to working with individuals and small groups, and finally to planning or co-planning units of instruction and taking responsibility for teaching whole mornings.

In Year 2, the Teacher Candidate assumes increasing responsibility for planning and implementing cross-curricular teaching units and assessing and evaluating student learning.

Please read the Practicum Handbook 2020 – 2021. It provides detailed information about placement organization, roles and responsibilities and expectations. Also included are evaluation guidelines, general  information (i.e., attendance, accommodations, policies on equity and diversity and sexual harassment, professional activity days, etc.) as well as information on standards of practice.

Below are quick links to the most commonly requested information for Associate Teachers.



*Please note: Documents may be subject to change in response to Covid-19.