Information for Researchers

Since the 1920s, the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School has been a research and education centre focused on the understanding, education and care of young children.

Jackman ICS serves as a site for research that is carried out by the academic staff and students from the Institute itself, by scholars from other departments at the University of Toronto and other academic institutions, and by the teachers at the Jackman ICS Laboratory School.

As a Laboratory School, Jackman ICS has a threefold mandate: exemplary education for the 200 children who attend the school, teacher education, and research. As such, Jackman ICS provides an environment that fosters research and professional inquiry and is involved in initiating and disseminating new ideas related to improving education. The school makes a significant contribution to the education, applied psychology and human development work within our university and in the wider educational community in Canada and internationally.

All research projects are vetted and approved by the Jackman ICS Child Research Review Committee, after they have received ethics approval from the University of Toronto or another approved institution. Research to be carried out in the Lab School are studies that address issues pertaining to education of  children (ages 3-12) and their development.

Criteria for Research Projects

All research conducted at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Lab School must meet the following criteria:

Promote educational ideas in the community:

The Lab School invites research projects that are relevant to education issues and help to foster a strong community of researchers and teachers working cooperatively, with the aim to strengthen understanding of best developmentally appropriate practices in the education of children (ages 3-12). The Lab School research program includes many research projects with Lab School teachers as collaborators or primary investigators.

Support JICS Goals and Philosophy:

Priority is given to proposals consistent with and supportive of the goals of the Jackman ICS laboratory school: exemplary education for elementary school children, teacher education, and educational research. We also look for research that builds upon our three philosophical tenets of security, child development, and inquiry.

Fit with our Availability:

Consideration will be given to availability of individuals or classes of students for research with regard to the classroom schedules and commitments across the school calendar year.

Research Funding

Over the past 12 years the school has looked at the appropriate role of technology in the education of young children. The growing prominence of this work is evident in the increasingly diverse set of funding sources to support our collaborators and teacher research. These sources have included:

  • The Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Center
  • The Education Commons at OISE/UT
  • The Provost’s Office at U of T
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training 
  • The Federal Government (which has included; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, TeleLearning-Network Centres of Excellence, SchoolNet, Canada Foundation for Innovation, The International Association of Laboratory Schools, and the Council of Ontario Directors of Education).

Contact for Research Inquiries

For further information or assistance, please contact:

Chriss Bogert, Vice-Principal & Research Coordinator