Jackman ICS Historical Photos

Historical Photos from the Institute of Child Study (captions by Dr. Rick Volpe).

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Pencil drawing of ICS on 45 Walmer Rd.

Dr. Blatz with child talking about her artwork

The 7 children in this image are likely the first U of T Interdepartmental Nursery School class (later St Gerorge’s School (located in a house on St. George that is now the Syd Smith building). The class started in September 1925 with four children from parents in the Department of Psych and by January had grown to seven.

This shows the cots for nap time (Blatz felt that having physiological needs met in consistent routines children could more comfortably (securely) play and learn).

This is the playground that was overlooked by the UofT President’s office to the left. Pres. Falconer was happy to have this noisy distraction moved to Walmer Road.

Shown here are some of the toys used in free play –some thought this was a radical way to spend school time.

Hygiene was an important routine—each phase was taken in steps with the provided tools (wash cloth, comb, soap and wash bowl).

Tables where the children ate their lunch

Eating was also a vital part of the day’s routine (meeting a vital physiological need Blatz called an appetite). Children were encouraged to at least try all for at least once.

Nicholas Laidlaw