Combined Degree Programs

Get a head start
on your MA CSE program

For students interested in combining an undergraduate degree in science with a
master’s degree focused on education, we offer a variety of Combined Degree Programs (CDPs).


UofT: Honours Bachelor of Science, Specialist in Psychology


OISE: Master of Arts in Child Study and Education


UofT: Honours Bachelor of Science, Specialist in Exceptionality in Human Learning
OISE: Master of Arts in Child Study and Education


UofT: Honours Bachelor of Science, in Psychology


OISE: Master of Arts in Child Study and Education 


UofT Victoria
College Education
& Society  


OISE: Master of
Arts in Child
Study and

Each Combined Degree Program leads to both an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc)
degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in Child Study and
Education (MA‐CSE) degree from OISE, including qualifications to teach JK-Gr 6 in Ontario schools.

How it works

  • Students in their third year of one of the above HBSc programs at the University of Toronto may apply for the Combined Degree Program with the MA CSE.
  • Initial applications are submitted through the University of Toronto. Once approved, students may formally apply to the CDP through the School of Graduate Studies Online Admissions System, accessible through OISE Admissions.
  • Upon conditional acceptance, students will take courses during their University of Toronto program that can go towards both their undergraduate degree and the MA CSE degree.
  • Students who take the combined program pay the same tuition as students in the regular MA CSE program; however they will save time by completing some electives early.
  • The combined program provides additional opportunities to become involved with Jackman ICS and OISE.

CDP Admission Requirements

To be considered for one of the Combined Degree Programs and conditional admission to the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education program, students must meet the following minimum admission requirements:

  1. Be registered in their 3rd year of the HBSc Degree Program, in one of the three (3) above listed Specialist or Major programs.
  2. Have a minimum third year AGPA of 3.7.
  3. Satisfy the experience requirements of working with children

Please Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

To have the conditions lifted from the offer of admission and to gain full acceptance to the MA‐CSE program at the end of Year 4, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have minimum fourth year AGPA of 3.7.
  2. Have a graduate average grade of at least B+ in the 1.0 FCE graduate courses taken between Years 3 and 4 of their undergraduate program.
  3. Demonstrate HBSc degree conferral.
  4. Meet all qualifications as specified by the MA‐CSE program (under “Admission Requirements”)

CDP Elective Requirements

Students with conditional acceptance to the MA CSE program must take 1.0 FCE elective course (1 full-year course or two half-year courses) between Years 3 and 4 of their undergraduate program.

The following are examples of recommended elective courses that are currently offered. Combined Degree Program students will be integrated in classes with non‐CDP students from across the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development.  

It is recommended that students anticipating early years employment complete one graduate level early childhood elective course.

  • APD1211H          Psychological Foundations of Early Development and                                            Education
  • APD1238H          Special Topics: Symbolic Development and Early Learning
  • APD1256H          Child Abuse: Intervention and Prevention
  • APD1272H          Play and Education
  • APD1279H          Preventative Interventions for Children at Risk
  • APD2252H          Independent Reading and Research (in ECE)
  • APD3203H          Children’s Theory of Mind Special Education Electives ‐

It is recommended that students complete one graduate level elective in special education.

  • APD1238H  Special Topics: Executive Functions and Education, Research and                        Practice
  • APD1238H  Mental Health in the Classroom: How Educators Can Help Our
                          Most Vulnerable Students
  • APD1238H  Special Topics:   Autism – Understanding of Self and Others
  • APD1284H  Psychology and Education of Children and Adolescents with
                          Behavior Disorders
  • APD1285H  Psychology and Education of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • APD2252H  Independent Reading and Research (in Special Education)
  • APD2292H  Assessment for Instruction
  • APD2296H  Reading and Writing Difficulties
  • APD1294H   Technology, Psychology and Play
  • APD1296H  Assessing School‐Aged Language Learners
  • JHC1251H Reading in a Second Language

OISE reserves the right to cancel courses for which enrolment or resources are insufficient.

Timeframe for Applying to CDP

Important Dates:

  • First date students will apply to the Combined Degree Program: January
  • Registration for those admitted in the Combined Degree Program: May
  • Start of Combined Degree Program in MA‐CSE Program: September

For more information and to apply please contact your University of Toronto Department.