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Teacher Education


The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study is a hub for excellence in education.

It has an important and unique place in the history of educational excellence, teacher preparation, and child study in Canada. When you study with us, you not only receive an outstanding teacher education, but you are surrounded by world-renowned scholars and researchers who are constantly working to improve childhood education.

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Applications for a September 2021 start open in late September.

Deadline: November 16, 2020, 5:00pm

Knowledgeable Professors

Globally renowned faculty teach our courses. Our students are on a first-name basis with them!

Faculty profiles can be found here.

Collaboration with the Lab School

Our students learn from the Lab school teachers (2016 winner of the Outstanding Laboratory School  Award) all of whom are engaged in inquiry projects in their classes.

Research Opportunities

Research activities are embedded in coursework and labs. Students may volunteer or apply for job opportunities like Work Study positions.

Special Education and Early Childhood Education

Students may focus on one of these domains in their elective courses.

Two Fields of Study

We offer two field of study options: Practice-Based Inquiry (PBI) and Research Intensive Training (RIT).

Applications to the RIT field of study will not be accepted for the fall of 2021.

“As you’re trying to foster children’s curiosity and develop their curiosities, the professors in the program are also trying to encourage you to explore your own curiosities”

Larisa Lam, CSE Alumna

One of the key components of an effective teacher education program is that there is a vision for teaching and learning. Since the MA-CSE program and the Lab school share a common vision student teachers see the vision actualized in practice.


We believe student teachers learn to be teachers through a combination of coursework, extensive practice teaching, studying children, and seeing good practice modelled – both in their academic courses and in practice teaching.

 "My internship in the lab school classroom in particular has forever shaped who I am and how I view my role as an educator. The knowledge and skills I acquired while studying at JICS allowed me to be confident in my practice and know why I do everything that I do in the classroom."
-Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin
MA CSE graduate

Our MA CSE community is inclusive, diverse and supportive. 

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Our Stats

Teaching Experiences Gained After Graduation

Five years after graduating from the MA-CSE program:

46% of students have a full-time teaching contract

35% have a Long Term Occasional teaching position

42% have had experience supply teaching


 Program Satisfaction

In a survey of our MA-CSE graduates (1999 – 2015) when asked if they could do it over again at JICS, the response was overwhelmingly positive:

93.5% indicated “yes”