Academic Faculty

All faculty at Jackman ICS are committed to the institute’s mission of combining scholarship, practice and professional education to improve the lives of children.

MA CSE Faculty Profiles

Jody Chong
Special Education, Literacy Development

Yiola Cleovoulou
Elementary Pedagogy and Teacher Education

Julie Comay
Math and Science

Lisa Dack
Teacher – Leader
Professional Learning

Patricia Ganea
Language & Cognitive Development, Symbolic Media

Jennifer Jenkins
Early relationships and children’s well-being

Steven Katz
Teacher – Leader
Professional Learning

Kang Lee
Social Perception, Processing and Cognition, Lying in Children

Rhonda Martinussen
Cognition & Learning, Learning Disability, ADHD

Janette Pelletier
Early child development policy and practice, full-day kindergarten, parent involvement, family literacy

Michal Perlman
Interpersonal interactions, quality in early childhood education and care

Angela Pyle
Teacher practices in Kindergarten, Play-based learning

Richard Volpe
Early experience & development

Earl Woodruff 
(APHD Chair)

MA CSE Practicum Coordinators

Headshot of Michelle Drimmie Miller

Michelle Drimmie Miller

Ronna Kluger
Rm 230 (45 Walmer)

Headshot of Anna Totten

Anna Totten

Our Faculty:

support students in the MA Child Study and Education program by involving them in research projects. 

are members of the Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Centre for research.

hold doctoral degrees in developmental psychology and education or related areas

have often held successful careers as teachers in elementary classrooms