Meet Our Team

Meet our team of educators

Institute Administrators

Dr. Angela Pyle headshot

Angela Pyle

Institute Director


Jun Cheng

Business Officer

Paige Lancaster


Lab School Administrators

Richard Messina

Lab School Principal

Chriss Bogert

Lab School Vice-Principal

Shama Joshi

Lab School Office Administrator

Walker Kitchens

Lab School Administrative Assistant

Lab School Classroom Teachers and Assistants

Norah L’Esperance

Nursery Teacher

Kenisha Peters

Nursery Assistant Teacher

Debbie Young

Nursery Assistant Teacher


Marcia Bumbury

JK Teacher

Susan Scott

JK Assistant Teacher

Carol Stephenson

SK Teacher

Raadiyah Nazeem

Grade 1 Teacher

David Osorio

Grade 2 Teacher

Robin Shaw

Grade 3 Teacher

Ben Peebles

Grade 4/5 Teacher

Zoe Donoahue

Grade 4/5 Teacher

Nadia Dharsee

Grade 6 Teacher

Lab School Specialty Teachers

Sarah Murray

Drama Teacher

Wednesday Program Coordinator

Tania Debss

French Teacher (Primary Grades)

Christel Durand

French Teacher (Junior Grades)

Suzanne Schwenger

Music Teacher (Early Years)

Russell Hersen

Music Teacher (Primary/Junior  Grades)

Judith Kimel

Special Education Teacher

Nick Song

Special Education and Technology Teacher

Krista Spence

Library and Technology Teacher

Tara Rousseau

Visual Arts Teacher

Michael Martins

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Ellie Lathrop

JICS Social Worker


Haley Higdon

Environmental Education

Natural Curiosity Program Director

Rosa Na

Environmental Education

Natural Curiosity Program Manager

Sylvia Gao

Environmental Education 

Natural Curiosity Program Coordinator

All teachers who are eligible for membership have been reviewed on the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Public Register and are currently members in good standing. The OCT website is a public registry and the information contained on the website is available to the general public. The register is available at or can be contacted at 416-961-8800 (in Toronto) or toll-free at 1-888-534-2222.

Teachers as Researchers

Our teachers often participate in the Laidlaw Centre’s research activities. They bring rich knowledge of children and classrooms and the perspective of teacher-researchers to the research enterprise. 

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School cultivates and strengthens relationships with the wider educational community through research and collaboration. The Laboratory School principals and teaching staff attend and speak at workshops, conferences, and seminars locally, nationally, and internationally, and maintain partnerships with the Laboratory School community.

ICS After School Daycare Staff

Anne Marie Bartoli

Daycare Director


Luis Alves

Morning Care & Grade 3-6 Care

Silvana Clavero

Nursery Care & Grade 1-2 Care

Chris Holdip

Nursery Care

Kenisha Peters

Nursery Care

Debbie Young

JK/SK Care

Jade Clavero

JK/SK Care