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Kids, Families and Places

Kids, Families & Places



Role of Families

It would be impossible to do research on children without the valuable input of family members. Parents and siblings are the best sources of knowledge about how and why children develop as they do. We have designed our study to collect information from the whole family.




Information Use

All the information collected during the study is kept confidential. Only identification numbers (never names) are used on computer files. This ensures that information is kept confidential. We do not analyze results about individual children. We only report results that pertain to groups of children.




Study Update

We have had 5 waves of data collection of our Kids, Families, and Places study so far. Our families have come from a wide-range of ethnic and social backgrounds. This diversity is critical to the success of the study because it means that our results are relevant to all children. Our families have been so wonderful in helping to make this study unique, and we thank you so much for that. Childcare workers and teachers have also been terrific with providing an input on children’s behaviour and skills.

Our study is unique in that there are no other studies on newborns and their older siblings in which environmental, family, and biological processes have been as broadly assessed as they have here. Thanks to you, over a period of 10 years we have learned how neighbourhood qualities, biological factors, family dynamics, and individual characteristics influence children’s behaviours, feelings, and relationships. With your help, we have gained a better understanding of how all of these factors influence family life and contribute to child development.

We can appreciate how much time and effort is required from parents in this kind of study. Your time, patience, and dedication have been so valuable to us and have led to the success of the study.


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