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An Ontario network promoting the use of research in education
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What is the KNAER?

The Knowledge Network of Applied Education Research (KNAER) is a collaborative Ontario based initiative among the Ontario Ministry of Education, the University of Toronto, and the University of Western Ontario.

What does the KNAER do?

The KNAER focuses on building, advancing and applying robust evidence of effective practices by: conducting research, synthesizing state-of-the-art knowledge from existing bodies of evidence (from Ontario and beyond) and facilitating networks of policy-makers, educators and researchers working collaboratively to apply research-to-practice.  The KNAER also acts as a ‘knowledge broker’ to facilitate and lead the spread of established and new evidence through networks across Ontario’s policy, education and research communities, as well as connecting with national and international networks.

KNAER Projects through OISE:

The Ontario Education Research Exchange (OERE) is an online hub that facilitates the exchange of advanced applied knowledge between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and educational organizations across Ontario. Through ongoing collaboration, the Exchange promotes knowledge sharing and learning in a multidirectional and continuous process between stakeholders across the province.

Research Brokering in Education (RBE) aims to identify and promote effective strategies for accessing and applying educational research. RBE provides an online collaborative space for various stakeholders to share and access effective models and useful resources in research brokering and intermediary work, as well as stories of successful integration of these practices in education.


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