Dr. Ansloos

Jeffrey Ansloos

Dr. Ansloos studies social, cultural, economic, environmental and political dimensions of mental health and wellbeing for Indigenous children, youth and families.

Dr. Bedard

Anne-Claude Bedard

Dr. Bedard studies the cognitive functioning of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, with a focus on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Chriss Bogert

Chriss Bogert

Chriss Bogert, Vice Principal of JICS Lab School, is interested in children's well being and how to foster their engagement and motivation with learning.

Dr. Chen

Becky Chen

Dr. Chen studies bilingual children's language and literacy development, and transfer of skills between languages.

Dr. Chong

Jody Chong

Dr. Chong studies literacy development and how to best support students who experience reading and writing difficulties.

Dr. Cleovoulou

Yiola Cleovoulu

Dr. Cleovoulou studies elementary pedagogy and teacher education.

Dr. Comay

Julie Comay

Dr. Comay studies the development of imagination, play and curiosity, theory of mind, and early mathematical thinking.

Dr. Cunningham

Todd Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham studies how to best identify and support students with learning difficulties.

Dr. Dack

Lisa Dack

Dr. Dack studies how learning opportunities for children and adults can have a lasting impact.

Dr. Ganea

Patricia Ganea

Dr. Ganea studies children's learning and early communication, and their ability to engage in hypothetical thinking.

J. Garrett-Walker

J. Garrett-Walker

Dr. Garrett-Walker studies identity development, mental health, and well-being of BIPOC 2SLGBTQ+ emerging adults.

Dr. Hamza

Chloe Hamza

Dr. Hamza studies the development of mental health and well-being, and how to support students' mental health in schools.

Dr. Hawes

Zachary Hawes

Dr. Hawes studies children's mathematical thinking, with a focus on the roles of spatial reasoning in learning mathematics.

Dr. Jang

Eunice Jang

Dr. Jang’s research focuses on the potential of cognitively diagnostic assessment for the balanced development of mind.

Kaja Jasinska

Kaja Jasinska

Dr. Jasinska studies the development of neural systems that support language and literacy, focusing on bilingual/multilingual children and children in low-literacy communities around the world.

Dr. Jenkins

Jennifer Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins studies the influence of marital, sibling, and parent-child relationships on children’s early cognitive development.

Dr. Katz

Steven Katz

Dr. Katz studies how to create conditions for organizational and system change through impactful professional learning.

Dr. Lee

Kang Lee

Dr. Lee studies the development of moral cognition, focusing on deception, and social perception, focusing on face processing.

Dr. Martinussen

Rhonda Martinussen

Dr. Martinussen studies how individual differences in self-regulation, executive functions, attention, and motivational processes affect academic outcomes.

Richard Messina

Richard Messina

Richard Messina is the principal of the JICS Lab school.

Dr. Pascal

Charles Pascal

Dr. Pascal’s focus is on mobilizing evidence into policy development and practice improvement along the human development continuum.

Dr. Pelletier

Janette Pelletier

Dr. Pelletier has been conducting a longitudinal study on the benefits of Ontario’s full-day, play-based kindergarten program.

Dr. Perlman

Michal Perlman

Dr. Perlman studies how the quality of interactions children experience in early childhood education care settings and at home impacts their development.

Dr. Pyle

Angela Pyle

Dr. Pyle studies the impact of play on children’s learning and development.

Dr. Scott

Katreena Scott

Dr. Scott's research program is aimed at reducing violence in family relationships, with specific expertise in addressing violence perpetration in men and fathers.

Dr. Volpe

Richard Volpe

Dr. Volpe studies applications of prevention science, knowledge mobilization, and the promotion of evidence-informed practices throughout the life span.

Dr. Wade

Mark Wade

Dr. Wade studies early life adversity and children's mental health and cognitive development, and the factors that promote resilience following adversity.

Dr. Woodruff

Earl Woodruff

Dr. Woodruff studies academic emotions and their relationship to cognitive processes.