Welcome to the Learning, Engagement, and Attention (LEA) Laboratory

Under the guidance of Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, the LEA lab studies a wide range of factors that impact learning achievement and experience in reading, writing, and math.

Affective Factors

...including the difference in motivation among readers, the way rumination and anxiety impact math achievement, academic resilience in students with ADHD, and teacher-student relationships as a protective factor for vulnerable learners.

Cognitive Factors

...including the impact of executive functions on play behaviours in kindergarten, the many ways vigorous exercise impacts learners with ADHD, and how sluggish cognitive tempo impacts students' experience and achievement at school.

Teaching Factors

...including the enablers of both differentiation and socially regulated learning, the way digital environments impact reading comprehension, and the use of e-learning to foster professional learning about acquired brain injury.