Helpful Websites

Assistive Tech

AT Select

Database of assistive technology, curated at OISE / University of Toron



Balanced Literacy Diet

Literacy resources curted by OISE at the University of Toronto. 

Big Ideas in Beginning Reading

Early literacy resources curated by the University of Oregon. 

Learning Modules

The Iris Centre

Self-contained learning modules for teaching students with a wide variety of exceptionalities, as well as more general information on high yield teaching practices.  

Complex Needs

Project Core

Free resources including the 36 core page, free training videos 

Dynamic Learning Maps

Free video modules for PD on all curriculum areas

Practical AAC

Great website with guest blogs and videos on AAC

Core Word Classroom

AAC in the classroom

“Two Choices Do Not Equal a 50-50 Chance” from Adapting Creatively

On choice making as it pertains to assessment 

“Low Functioning? High Functioning? What Are We Really Saying?”

From the perspective of an educator

High/low functioning terminology

First person perspective 

“I Am Not A Mind Reader (And Neither Are You)” from Uncommon Sense

Dana Nieder, SLP, on making assumptions about what non-verbal children are thinking 

Literacy for All videos by Caroline Musselwhite from Engaging All Learners website

Learning guides and videos

Literacy Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities

Compiled by Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium

“Why Do I Believe in Literacy for All?” By Jane Farrall

“Rett Communication: A Mother’s Experience” by Jennifer Facchinelli

Rett University

Resources and community focused on Rett syndrome


Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

Current issues and links to resources. 

Activated Learning

Resources for building EF-literacy in the classroom. 

Learning Disabilities

Center for Literacy and Disability Studies

Lots of information and free resources

Intervention Central

Academic and behavioural interventions curated by an American school psychologist. Not specifically for LD. 


Rallying Videos on Inclusive Education

Shelley Moore, A SSHRC winning researcher, uses experiences and engaging metaphors to advocate for inclusive education.