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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Adult Education and Community Development Program

Statement of Intent - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

Craft a well-written Statement of Intent by answering the questions below.

Applicants are to answer each question in an essay format (bullet points are not acceptable). Not only will the content of your responses be used in the assessment of the application, but also the quality and clarity of your writing.

1. Describe your overall background including any employment and/or community engagement/leadership experiences you have had, and explain briefly how they relate to the field of adult education and community development.  

2. Describe your academic experiences/training and how they relate to the AECD program.  Why is this program a good fit for you? Why are you a good fit for the program? Our strongest candidates speak to specific academic experiences and long-term goals and interests, rather than a love of education and learning more broadly.

3. Describe how equity and social justice inform your learning interests.

4. Discuss your prior research experiences (if any), as well as any other related skills or experiences that make you a strong candidate for this research-stream degree. Discuss any prior experience with academic presentations, conferences and/or publications. Our strongest candidates for this research-stream degree can point to a demonstrable experience in conducting research. 

5. Describe your specific thesis research interests and/or explain the research question or project you wish to investigate and how. You should highlight the synergy between one or more of the AECD program’s thematic streams and your proposed research. 

6. Please take time to review descriptions of the AECD program’s faculty members and indicate the specific faculty member(s) you hope to work with in the program and why. How will the expertise of the faculty member(s) support your proposed research? Note: you do not need to secure a supervisor prior to applying (i.e., there is no need to contact faculty members).  

7. Have you previously completed a Masters thesis?
If not, you will need to submit a Qualifying Research Paper (QRP). Please confirm your intention to submit this no later than January 21st in accordance with AECD program policy.