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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Student Theses

Take a look at some of the exciting research our graduates have conducted since 2011. On this page, you can browse thesis titles by program. 

Find an interesting project and want to read it? Many doctoral and masters theses are digitized and available through the OISE Collection on TSpace, the University of Toronto's research repository. 

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Can't find what are you are looking for? Want to locate older projects? The OISE Thesis Database allows you to search projects from 2000 and onward by title, program, year of graduation, and name. 


Adult Education and Community Development Program

Below are theses from the Adult Education and Community Development from 2010 to 2017. Abstracts are also available in pdf for master's theses and doctoral theses


Chris Glover
The Impact of University Costs and Student Debt in Ontario and Quebec: A Comparative Study

Sona Kazemi
Toward  a Conceptualization of Transnational Disability Theory and Praxis: Entry Point, Iraqi Chemical Attack on Iran



Simon Adam
Crazy-Making: The Reproduction of Psychiatry in Nursing Education

Paula Elias (MA)
Critical Youth Participatory Action Research: Ideology, Consciousness, and Praxis

Sidrah Maysoon Ahmad (MA)
Invisible Violence Against Hypervisible Women: Understanding Islamophobic Violence in the Greater Toronto Area through Qualitative Interviews and Arts-Based Inquiry

Laura Webber
Neoliberal Conceptual Framing and the ‘Disappearing’ of Marginal Adults from the Basic Adult Education Learning Landscape in Ontario

Joe Curnow
Politicization in Practice: Learning the Politics of Racialization, Patriarchy, and Settler Colonialism in the Youth Climate Movement

Mary-Jean Hande
Disability (and) Care in Late-Capitalist Struggle: A Dialectical Analysis of Toronto-based Disability (and) Care Activism

Yidan Zhu
Practising Ideology: Chinese Immigrant Mothers' Learning in Canadian Immigration Settlement Organizations
Laura Wyper
Neoliberal conceptual framing and the disappearing of marginalized adults from the basic adult education landscape in Ontario

Moneca Sinclaire
Voices of Urban Aboriginal People with Diabetes

Emily Pohl-Weary
Writing to Transgress: Sharing Stories, Claiming Space and Finding Community


Abdulhamid Hathiyani
A Bridge to Where? An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Bridging Programs for Internationally Trained Professionals in Toronto.

Ahmed Mohamed Hodan
The Activism of First Generation Somali Canadian Women Within a Neoliberal Multicultural State.

Andrea Chan
Understanding Supportive Employment and Job Training in Canadian Social Purpose Enterprises: Drawing from Theories of Social Support

Angela Nardozi
An Exploration of Teacher Candidate Willingness and Readiness to Incorporate Aboriginal Content into their Teaching Practice

Julia Gray
An Aesthetics of Relationality: Exploring the Intersection among Embodiment, Imagination, and Foolishness in Research-Informed Theatre.

Keita Demming
Making Space for Social Innovation: What We Can Learn From the Midwifery Movement?

Ruth Koleszar-Green
Understanding your Education: Onkwehonwe and Guests Responsibilities to Peace, Friendship and Mutual Respect.

Soma Chatterjee
‘Borders… Are No Longer at the Border:’ High Skilled Labour Migration, Discourses of Skill and Contemporary Canadian Nationalism.

Wendy Ingeborg Roth
Understanding the Use of Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis in World Bank Education Proposals.


Brenda Wastasecoot
Nikis (My Little House) Memory Mapping: An Indigenous Approach to Healing and Community Building.

Ramsey Affifi
Educating a Multispecies World.

Carole-Lynne D’Arcangelis
The Solidarity Encounter Between Indigenous Women and White Women in a Contemporary Canadian Context.

Bahar Biazar
English as Second Language Education for Social Transformation.

Susan Diane
Willful Women Creating the World: Life Stories of Feminist and Queer Activists.

Mandeep Kaur Mucina
Transgressing Boundaries of Izzat: Voices of Punjabi Women Surviving and Transgressing “Honour” Related Violence in the Canadian Context.

Joseph Adam Perry
Bunkhouse Drama: An Examination of Control and Agency Among Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario, Canada.

Adriana Berlingieri
Challenging Workplace Bullying: The Shaping of Organizational Practices Toward Systemic Change.


Sheila Stewart
Poetic Inquiry Re-claiming Authority:Writing Through Grief and Silence.

Katherine Madjidi
The ecology of transformation: A relational study of the Ecology of Leadership Program at the Regenerative Design Institute.

Bethany Osborne
The Art of Remembering: Iranian Political Prisoners, Resistance and Community.

Zeenat Janmohamed
Getting beyond Equity and Inclusion: Queering Early Childhood Education.

Ilona Alex Abramovich
Young, Queer and Trans, Homeless, and Besieged: A Critical Action Research Study of How Policy and Culture Create Oppressive Conditions for LGBTQ Youth in Toronto's Shelter System.

Maliha Chisti
Post-Conflict Interventions in Afghanistan: A Post-Colonial Critique.

Malini Sivasubramaniam
Household Educational Decision-making In Low-fee Private Primary Schools in Kenya: An Exploratory Mixed-Methods Study.

Heather Anne Read
Earthenware: Intersections between Place and Pottery in the Lives of Newfoundland Southern New Zealand Ceramic Artists.

Agnes Santhosh Thomas
Immigrant Women and their Work in Informal Economy in Toronto: Impacts and the Potential for Critical Transformations.

Spencer Harrison
Not a Freak Show: An Arts-Informed Inquiry into Growing up Gay in Rural Ontario.


Roula Kteily-Hwa
HIV Vulnerability amongst South Asian Immigrant Women in Toronto.

Sharon McCleave
Social Contexts in Postsecondary Pathophysiology Textbooks: How Type 2 Diabetes is Understood.

Tannis Atkinson
Negotiating Responsibilization: Power at the Threshold of Capable Literate Conduct in Ontario.

Sally Hooper
Small spaces for Meaningful Participation in Democratic Life? A Community's Perspectives of Their Involvement in an Early Childhood Education and Care Program.

Janice Tara La Rose
Reading YouTube for Social Work.

Lang Liu
Bimba's Rhythm is One, Two, Three: From Resistance to Transformation Through Brazilian Capoeira.

Bronwen Magrath
Advocacy as Political Strategy: The emergence of an "Education for all" campaign at ActionAid and The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic Adult Education.

Jeffrey Myers
The Institution of Becoming Canadian: A View from the Margins.


Sheila Gruner
Learning Land and Life: An Institutional Ethnography of Land Use Planning and Development in a Northern Ontario First Nation.


Sara Carpenter
Theorizing Praxis in Citizenship Learning: Civic Engagement and the Democratic Management of Inequality in AmeriCorps.

Sheila Wilmot
The Social Organization of the Ontario Minimum Wage Campaign.

Clement Jumbe
Social Networks and Social Support in HIV Testing.

Rouf Kazi
The Impact of the Grameen Bank Upon the Patriarchal Family and Community Relations of Women Borrowers in Bangladesh.

Carole Lakshmi Chatalalsingh
Interprofessional Team Learning and Leaders in an Academic Health Care Organization.

Suzanne Lee Cook
Redirection: Using Career Development Theory to Interpret the
Volunteer Activities of Retirees.

Shama Dossa
Re(ART)iculating Empowerment: Cooperative Explorations with Community Development Workers in Pakistan.

Renee Linklater
Decolonising Trauma Work: Indigenous_Practitioners Share Stories and Strategies.

Srabani Maitra
Redefining ‘Enterprising Selves’: Exploring the ‘Negotiation’ of South Asian Immigrant Women as Home-based Enclave Entrepeneurs.

Christine McKenzie
Exploring Intersectionality, Unravelling Interlocking Oppressions: Feminist Non-credit Learning Processes.

Ajamu Akinbiyi Nangwaya
Race, Resistance and Co-optation in the Canadian Labour Movement: Effecting an Equity Agenda like Race Matters.

Soheila Pashang
Non-status Women: Invisible Residents and Underground Resilience.

Gertrude Rawlings
Innovation from Below: An Exploration of Contingent Workers’ Training and Access to Information and Communication Technology.

Lurong Wang
Immigration, Literacy, and Mobility: A Critical Ethnographic Study of Well-educated Chinese Immigrants’ Trajectories in Canada.


Sheila Janet Batacharya
Life in a Body: Counter hegemonic Understandings of Violence, Oppression, Healing and Embodiment among Young South Asian Women.

Howard Michael Bloom
To Live and Learn with Neurological Challenges: Life Histories of Two Teenagers in an Educative Community.

Ipsita Nita Chaudhuri
Participatory, Education and Action Research in Wastewater Use and Human Health using an Eco-system Health Framework in Peri-urban areas of Dakar, Senegal.

Mark Lewis Federman
From BAH to BA: Valence Theory and the Future of Organization.

Soosan Daghighi Latham
Life Histories of Culturally Diverse Canadian Leaders: A Study of Absence and Identity.

Amy Elizabeth McGee
Artwork/Streetlines: Street-involved Youth in Thunder Bay: A Community-based Arts-informed Inquiry.

Winnie Wun-Wun Ng
Racing Solidarity, Remaking Labour: Labour Renewal from a Decolonizing and Anti-racism Perspective.

Carol Felicity Polych
Exploring the Help-seeking/Helping Dynamic in Illegal Drug Use.

Karim Amirali Remtulla
Socio-cultural Inclusiveness and Workplace E-Learning: From Dominant Discourse to Democratized Discourses.

Jasjit Kaur Sangha
Meri Kahanee Sono (Listen to my Story): A (Step) mother's Journey of Healing and Renewal.

Barry Trentham
Old Coyotes: Life Histories of Aging Gay Men in Rural Canada.

Educational Leadership and Policy Program


Hantian Wu
China's Outward-Oriented Higher Education Internationalization: A Multidimensional Analysis and an Empirical Inquiry into the Views of International Students

Avril Saunders-Currie
Alternative Education for Low German Mennonite Students: A Negotiation of Education for Equity and Inclusion

Robyn Read
Knowledge Counts: A Biblimetric Analyses of the Education for All Global Monitoring Reports

Jaime Malic
Living Leadership: Exploring the Leadership Values and Practices of Independent-School Principals in Ontario

Rami Khayat
Toward Genuine Transformations: The Internationalization of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Daniel Hamlin
School choice in deindustrialized cities: A mixed method comparison of charter and public schools on safety and parental involvement in Detroit, MI

Ferdinando Tantalo
Secondary School Principals and Leadership Coaching

Momina Afridi
Understanding the Work of Female Teachers in Low-fee Private Schools in Punjab, Pakistan

Michele Reaume
Listening, Learning and Relationships: An Investigation of How Principals Facilitate Student Voice

Wendy Anne Dunlop
The Legal Duty to Accommodate Faith and Religion in Ontario's Public Schools: An Exploratory Case Study

Christine Bellini
Talk to Me: An Educator's Search for Conversations on Ethics in Education

Eddie Mark
Portrayals of School Administrators in Imaginative Literature: A Content Analysis of Twenty Novels

Donna Kowalchuk
Principals' Engagement with The Ontario Leadership Framework to Enact Social Justice Leadership: Reflection, Resistance, and Resilience

Jacqueline Sohn
The Politics of Evidence-Informed Policymaking: a case study of the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy

Marisol D’Andrea
Behind Closed Doors: How the Peer-review Process Works and How Arts Councils Make Decisions About Arts Funding

Magdalena Fernandez Hermosilla


Marianne Mazzorato
A study of the inclusion of students' perspectives in Ontario school board improvement planning through student trustee representation   

John Doran
A long way home: First Nations Adoptions and Repatriation

Hughette Landry
Principal's Instructional Leadership: Leading Capacity for Learning

Marie Lourdes Ssemanda
Equity Minded Principals: Leadership that Promotes Academic Achievement for Marginalized Students

Sofya Malik
Knowledge Mobilization in Ontario: A Multi-case Study of Education Organizations

Gary Joseph Swain
Duties as Assigned: How Principals' Leadership Practices Influence their Vice-principals' Leadership Self-efficacy

Wendy Ingeborg Roth
Understanding the Use of Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis in World Bank Education Proposals.

Jane Elizabeth MacPherson
Leading for equity: Principals' Strategies

Eulite Lyn Davy
Culturally responsive leadership:How Principals Employ Culturally Responsive Leadership to Shape the School Experiences of Marginalized Students

Yvan Brochu
Understanding how the student success program has developed and contributed to student outcomes in one Ontario district

Peter Andrew Edwards
The Preparation, Experiences and Challenges of Novice Principals in Ontario's Small Rural Schools

Paul Alexander Smyth
School Leadership in the Provincial Philippines

Clelia Della Rovere Proia
Creating inclusive schools for LGBTQ populations: A study exploring strategies school leaders employ for LGBTQ inclusion

Xuefeng Huang
Teacher reciprocal learning in international professional communities between Ontario and Shanghai schools

Sumeth Tanyaovalaksna
Exploring the Relationship between Individual Cultural Values and Employee Silence


Laura Crane
How is International Experience Considered during Local Teacher Hiring?

Stephanie Tuters
Teachers Doing Equity Work: Practices, Challenges and Facilitators

Doron Yosef-Hassidim
K-12 Education as a Hermeneutic Adventurous Endeavour: Theorizing the Instrumental Approach, Education as a Sovereign Agent for Humanity and the Relationships with Philosophy

Linda Smithies
A Comparison of the Academic Attitudes, Behaviours and Attainments of Three Groups of First-Generation Students at an Ontario College

Fraydoon Bayat
Student Engagement: A Qualitative Study Of Extracurricular Activities

Joelle Rodway Macri
Mobilizing Knowledge Through Social Networks

Naomi Lightman
The Secondary School Transnational Nexus: Student and Educator Reflection Beyond and Within the Nation

Pamela Osmond-Johnson
Discourses of teacher professionalism: A study of union-active teachers

Sarah Linda Patten
Secondary Educators Perceptions of Teacher-Parent Communication and the Relation to Student Achievement

William David Jack
Hiring for Diversity: Changing the Face of Ontario's Workforce

Vidya Shah
District Reform for Equity: The Case of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Program in the Toronto District School Board


Nathalie Carrier
What catches on? The role of evidence in the promotion and evaluation of educational innovations

Gino Montanari
The Ontario Leadership Framework for Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals: Purpose vs. Practice

Mary Anne Drinkwater
Democratizing and Decolonizing Education: A Role for the Arts: Lessons from Primary Schools in Maasailand, Southern Kenya

John Lambersky
Understanding the Human Side of School Leadership: Improving Teacher Morale, Efficacy, Motivation and Commitment

Andrew Campbell
Understanding the Teacher Performance Evaluation Process: Jamaican Public School Teachers' Perspectives

Suzanne Molitor
Teacher Leaders: Understanding the role of School-Based Mentor teachers in the Educational change process

Jennifer Elliot
The business of schooling: Marketing in Canadian independent schools

Janice Tara LaRose
Reading YouTube for Social Work


Mandira Raksit
Students' Heterogeneity and Multiple Worlds: Revisiting the Changin Student Populations in Ontario

Lauren Segedin
Understanding how the Implementation of the Specialist High Skills Majors Programs in Ontario Schools Contributes to Student Outcomes

Carolyn Carlson
Relationships in Three Elementary Ontario Public School Councils: Patterns of Interaction

Cindy Sawyer
Making Sense of the First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework

Brenton Faubert
The Fiscal Cost of Failure in Ontario, Canada Public Secondary Schools

Marlene Ruck-Simmonds
Spiritual African and Africentric Educational Leadership for Social Justice: Understandings, Experiences and Spiritual Influences

Eric Fredua-Kwarteng
Exploring School Principal Preparation and Development in Northern Canada: The Case of Nunavut's Educational Leadership Program (ELP)

Terence Sheridan
Building Trust in a Private School: Formal and Informal Practices of Principals

John Scott Lowrey
Canada's Outstanding Principals: A Mixed-methods Investigation of Leadership Development, Principal Efficacy and Transformational Leadership

Hilary Edelstein
Collaborative Research Partnerships for Knowledge Mobilization

Vera N Azah
District Influence on Principals’ Efficacy and Sensemaking in the School Improvement Efforts


Amanda Mae Cooper
Knowledge Mobilization Intermediaries in Education: A Cross-Case Analysis of 44 Canadian Organizations

Patricia Sevean
Learning to Transition: Nurses' Entry into Cancer Nursing Practice

Krista Zupan
Values, Conflicts and Conflict Resolution: An Investigation of the Experiences of Educational Administrators

Virginia Stead
Teacher Candidate Diversification through Equity-based Admission Policy

John Malloy
Effects of Distributed Leadership on Teachers' Academic Optimism and Student Achievement

Meera Mather
Internationally Trained Immigrants and Ontario Colleges

Mark Robert Baxter
The Influence of Trust on Teachers' Inclination to Exercise Informal Leadership

Laurelle Jno Baptiste
Stories of Racialized Internationally Trained Post-Secondary Educators Re-entering their Professions

Peng Liu
Motivating Teachers' Commitment to Change by Transformational School Leadership in the Urban High Schools of Shenyang City, China

Lok Fung Leung
A Study of Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of the Effects of Collegial Approach to Implementing School Self-evaluation in Selected Hong Kong Schools


Katherine Witherow
Research Use and the Impact in Secondary Schools

Joseph Wanyama Mulongo
The Role of the Principal in the Micropolitical Context of Secondary Schools in Establishing and Maintaining School Community Partnerships

Cynthia Rottmann
Organized Leadership for Equitable Change: Union-Active Teachers Dedicated to Social Justice

Grant Armstrong
Leadership in Times of Change: An Examination of a Merger Experience.

Victoria Handford
Why Teachers Trust School Leaders

Yvette Marie Debeer
Ideologically Informed: A Policy Archeology of Special Education in Ontario, 1965-1980

Richard Williamson
Leadership Supports for First-Time Vice-Principals: How Coaching Shapes Leader Self-Efficacy

Safdar Muhammad
Interorganizational Partnerships: A Study of Leadership, Structures and Processes

Kelly Gallagher-Mackay*
Schools, child welfare and well-being: Dimensions of collective responsibility for maltreated children living at home

* Winner of the Leithwood Outstanding Thesis of the Year Award and the T.B. Greenfield Doctoral Award

Jie Qi
The Role of Chinese Normal Universities in the Professional Development of Teachers

Deborah Lynn Dunbar
Student Engagement: Views from Inside One Postsecondary Institution

Fei Wang
Leading Diverse Schools: Tempering Accountability Policy with Social Justice


Herveen Singh
Leadership for Social Justice: An Examination of Leadership Roles

Jingping Sun
A Review of Transformational Leadership Research: A Meta-Analytic Approach

Nelson Paul Rogers
Campus in the Country: Community College Involvement in Rural Community Development

Ganna Yashkina
Exploring the Nature and Extent of Leadership Distribution in Elementary Schools

Valentyna Kushnarenko
International Collaboration in Higher Education: The Canadian-Ukrainian Curriculum Development

Stephanie Sutherland
Teacher and Student Perceptions of Student Engagement

Dianne Thomson
Teachers' Reflection on Practice: Selecting Teacher Candidates who are Prepared to Participate in School Reform

Darrin Griffiths
Promoting Inclusion in Urban Contexts: Elementary Principal Leadership

Eric Jabal
Being, Becoming and Belonging: Exploring Students’ Engagement of and Engagement within the International School of Hong Kong

Caroline Chassels
Responses to Difference in Initial Teacher Education: A Case of Racial and Linguistic Minority Immigrant Teacher Candidates

Erin E. Irish
The Deep Slumber of Decided Opinion: How Teachers and School Administrators Understand Controversial Issues Policy

Higher Education Program


Christina Hwang
Assessment of World Mission and Higher Education Internationalization: A Comparative Study of Christian Universities in South Korea and Canada

Gina Antonacci
The Transformation of Community Colleges to Institutions of Technology and Advanced Learning in Ontario

Navroz Surani
Turning Brain Drain into Brain Gain: Harnessing Pakistan’s Skilled Diaspora 

Christian Noumi (Gides Christian Noumi I Tchoula)
Higher Education Policymaking in Africa: The Role of National Actors in Senegal and Ghana

Melissa Hynes
Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Selection and Admissions: Intentions and Perceptions  



Paula Buskard
Exploratory Descriptive Study of Teaching Styles in One Ontario College

Renee Ferguson
Hidden among the under-represented: Foster youth access and persistence in Ontario post-secondary education.

Athena D’Amato
The Role of Internships in Developing Job Ready Graduates in the Field of Public Relations: A Humber College, ITAL Bachelor of Public Relations  tbc

Laura Capacchioni
Dental Hygiene Curriculum and Core Competency Development: A Case Study of One Ontario College Program

Christopher Holt
Exploring the Construction of Entrepreneurial Identity Among University Students 

Arif Toor
Ontario's Graduate Certificates: An Exploration into Colleges' Perspectives and Students' Decision-Making Processes 

Cindy Hazel
What’s in a Name? A Historical Analysis of Seneca College’s Journey Towards Increased Institutional Differentiation within the Ontario Postsecondary System 2001-2012

Stephanie Dimech 

Then and Now, Knowing and Leading: The Lived Experience of Ethnicity & its Implications for College Leadership

Kathleen Clark
An Investigation of the Experiences of Graduate Students with a Mental Health Condition 



Nadina Jamison
Impact of Matching Funds: Help or Hindrance?

Sharon Scollard
Curriculum Change in Community Colleges: Updating Curriculum to Align with Current Industry Practices

Cindy Gouveia
Fundraising in Ontario Colleges: An Emerging Profession?

Micki Puksa
Exploration of Online Teaching in Eight Prelicensure Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in Ontario Colleges

Kristi Harrison
Examining Leadership in the Role of Dean of Business in the Ontario College System: Using Narrative analysis to Reflect Leadership Journeys in the Role

Arleen Morrin
Decentralized Budgeting and its impact on the quality of decision-making at a large research-intensive university: A Case study at the University of Toronto

David Kim
In This Together: The Impact of Mentorship Programs On The First-Generation Student Experience

Sharon Kamassah
The Impact of Post-Secondary Educational Institution Policies and Practices on Indigenous Staff Recruitment and Retention


Kevin Ramdas
Exploring Institutional Change at Three Ontario Colleges: 2002-2012

Helen Lasthiotakis
How Open Data Entrepreneurs Advance Institutional Change

Pamela Walker
Caring About Racism: Early Career Nurses' Experiences with Aboriginal Cultural Safety

Fiona Deller
Early Intervention Programs for Low Income Students: What Can Evaluations Reveal? A Systematic Review


Mary Catherine Lennon
In Search of Quality: Evaluating the Impact of Learning Outcomes Policies in Higher Education Regulation

Qin Liu
The Impact of External Quality Assurance Policies and Processes on Curriculum Development in Ontario Postsecondary Education

Krista Lee Vogt
Measuring Student Engagement Using Learning Management Systems

Wendy Kubasik
Canadian Academic Health Science Centres: Developing a Framework to Address Compensation, Academic Productivity, Performance and Quality

Olivier Begin-Caouette
Small Mighty Centers in the Global Academic Capitalist Race: A Study of Systemic Factors Contributing to Scientific Capital Accumulation in Nordic Higher Education Systems

Mark Hanna
Exploring Student Entitlement at an Ontario College

Laurie Harrison
eLearning in Ontario: Responding to the Winds of Change

Grace Karram Stephenson
Exploring the Identities of Students at Western Branch Campuses in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates


Mary Catherine Lennon
In Search of Quality: Evaluating the Impact of Learning Outcomes Policies in Higher Education Regulation

Qin Liu
The Impact of External Quality Assurance Policies and Processes on Curriculum Development in Ontario Post-secondary Education

Gary Lima
Leading Change from the Middle: An Exploration of Leadership Competencies to Assist Ontario CAAT Associate Deans and/or Chairs be Successful in their Roles

Maurine Parzen
Transformational Learning Experience of RPN to BScN Students: A Case Study of One BScN Program in Ontario

Krista Vogt
Measuring Student Engagement Using Learning Management Systems

Marilyn Teitelbaum
What factors become priorities in the decision making process that influence administrators of campus space to choose one type of general use classroom over another?

Wayne Poirier
Deliberate Orientation and transition practices as part of a broader student success strategy: A comparative case study of three large urban colleges

Paula Green
The Impact of Internationalization on the Regionalization of Higher Education in the English Speaking Caribbean: A Case Study of the University of the West Indies

Diliana Peregrina-Kretz
The Experience of Students with Learning Disabilities in Summer Transition Programs in Ontario: A Multi-case Study of Six Summer Transitions Programs

Andrea Lalonde
Impact of Embedded Remediation in Literacy Skills for First Semester Practical Nursing Students in One Ontario College Program

Shingo Hanada
Assessing Intercultural Competence: A Comparative Study of Japanese Students Studying Abroad

Christine Arnold Messacar
Transfer Literacy: Assessing Informational Symmetries and Asymmetries

Xiaoxu (Sharon) Li
The Role of the Board of Trustees in Public Universities in China

Jason Galea
Ontario Colleges and the Introduction of Degrees: Mission Drift or Sustaining Mission?

Andrew Kretz
Exploring the Effects of Higher Education Experiences of Male and Female STEM Majors’ Attitude Towards Entrepreneurship



Linda Vranic
A Case Study of the Perceptions of Learning Outcomes of Student Participants in an Undergraduate Research Initiative at City University

Christa IacovinoHinds
Aboriginal Student Success and Persistence in Ontario Colleges.

Nancey Adamson
Millennial Employees' Expecations of the Workplace: A Case Study of Humber College.

Rumeet Billan
Global Competence: Essential characteristics as perceived by Faculty and Program Heads in International Business Programs at Ontario's five Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Rena Borovilos
The Impact of Dual Credit Programs on College Students: A Comparative Study of Dual Credit Participants and Non-dual Credit Participants in One Ontario College

Nadia Prendergast
Identifying the Dialectic of the Ideal Type and Multiculturalism Policies Within the Practices of Canadian Nursing

Jack Tsung-Ying Lee
Education Hubs in the Making: Policy Rationales and International Relations

Jude Tate
A thin veil of inclusion: Sexual and gender minorities in Ontario Universities

Suzanne Forgang Miller
Thesis Work: An Ethnography of the Writing and Text Production of Professional Graduate Education Students

Darren Deering
Responsibility Center Budgeting and Responsibility Center Management: Implications for Internal Structure and Strategic Management of North American Universities

Phirom Leng
International University Partnerships in Contemporary Cambodian Higher Education.


Vivian Chan
Efficacy and Impact of Key Performance Indicators in Ontario Universities

Danielle Nicole Gabay
Race, Gender and Interuniversity Athletics: Black Female Student-athletes in Canadian Higher Education

Gary Lawrence Gannon
Human Resources Programming and Its Impact On Leadership Within Governing Boards of Ontario Community Colleges

Olga Patricia Gaviria
Inuit Self Determination and Post Secondary Education: The Case of Nunavut and Greenland

Jeannine Girard-Peariman
Between the Idea and Reality: An Intersectional Analysis of the Challenges of Teaching Health Advocacy as a Means to Achieve Social Responsibility in Medicine

Kevin Joseph Hayes
An Investigation of Professional Development of the Apprenticeship and Trades Professoriate in Two Ontario Colleges

Otte Arild Rosenkrantz
All in Good Time:The Evolving Role of Faculty in Ontario Colleges

Linda Skilton
High School/College Transitions: A Case Study Examining the Impact of a Dual Credit Program at Fleming College

Merli Tamtik
Expertise and Policy Learning - The Case of the European Union's Research Policy

Alvina Lucy Tesa
The Impact of Degree-granting Requirements on Faculty Hiring Policies and Practices: A Case Study of Ontario ITALs


Marilyn West-Moynes -A Study of Organizational Culture in Ontario Colleges with High Student Satisfaction

Leila Rachel Lax -Knowledge Building in Continuing Medical Education

Sharon Leonie Brown -Mosaic Paths to New Knowledge: Conceptualizing Cultural Wealth from Women of Colour as they Experience the Process of Becoming Doctoral Recipients

Julian Weinrib -South-South-North Research Partnerships: A Transformative Development Modality?

Ching-Hsiao (Wes) Chiang -Commercialization of Higher Education: MBA Students' Experiences and Expectations

Bryan Gopaul -The Practice of Doctoral Education: A Bourdieusian Analysis of the Socialization of Doctoral Students

Laura Cauchi -The Drive to Innovation: The Privileging of Science and Technology Knowledge Production in Canada.


Nona Robinson
Values of Canadian Student Affairs Practitioners

David William Gasteiger
An Automated Enrolment Projection System

Elyse K. Chaplin
The Experience of Students with Learning Disabilities Transitioning to Postsecondary Education

So-Yan Seto
A “Tricky Business”- Knowledge Production in Children’s Environmental Health

Pamela Gravestock
Does Teaching Matter? The Role of Teaching Evaluation in the Tenure Policies at Selected Canadian Universities

Jeanette McDonald
Becoming an Educational Developer: A Canadian University Perspective

Laurentiu David
The Managerial Roles of Academic Deans in Ontario

Tracy Ryder
Accomodating The Ethno-Cultural Differences of Students: An Analysis of Ontario Community Colleges

Nancy Mcnaughton
A Theoretical Analysis of the Field of Human Simulation and the Role of Emotion and Affect in the Work of Standardized Patients.

Meggan Madden
Exploring Higher Education Regionalization through a Study of the Asia Pacific Quality Network


Lindsay Kerr
The Educational Production of Students at Risk

Mia Quint-Rapoport
Open Source in Higher Education: A Situational Analysis of the Open Journal Systems

Jane Wonjiry Ngobia
Internationalization and the Undergraduate Student Experience: How Domestic Students Experience Interaction with International Students

Yuxin Tu
A Chinese Civil Society in the Making: Civic Perceptions and Civic Participation of University Students in an Era of Massification

Maria Athina Martimianakis
Discourse, Governance and Subjectivity: Interdisciplinarity and Knowledge-Making in Engineering and in Medicine

Pamela Williamson
Assessing the Influence of First Nation Counsellors on First Nation Post-Secondary Students and their Program Choices

Christopher Whitaker
The Nature of Dual Credit Programs in Ontario and their Contribution to Improved Transitions and Access to College: A Case Study Perspective.

Jian Liu
Expansion and Equality in Access to Chinese Higher Education: A Cultural Perspective

Zahra Hojati
Ironic Acceptance – Present in Academia Discarded as Oriental: The Case of Iranian Female Graduate Student in Canadian Academia

Klaus Schneider
Ontario Colleges in the Digital Age: Understanding the Student Experience, Perceptions and Attitudes of Online Learning at one Ontario College

Sabrina Elzpeth Saunders
The State of First Nations Education: Two Conversations About Education Post-RCAP

Marguerite Donohue
Transfer of Learning from the Classroom to the Cooperative Education Workplace in a Baccalaureate Program in an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology

Anne Caroline Charles
Policy Windows and Changing Arrangements: An Analysis of the Policy Process Leading to the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002