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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Educational Leadership and Policy Program

Faculty Profiles

Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Karen Acton
Effecting positive change in the areas of principal and teacher leadership, social and eco justice; student well-being and success

Nina Bascia (Graduate Chair)
Educational policy analysis and program evaluation; policy and teachers' work; teacher leadership and development; teacher unions and professional associations

Carol Campbell 
Educational change policy and practices, K-12; professional learning and development; student learning, achievement, and equity; whole system reforms; knowledge mobilization

Ruth Childs
Assessment design and equity; admissions processes; access to post-secondary education; evaluation systems; and survey research

Anna Katyn Chmielewski 
International comparisons of educational equity; socio-economic disparities in academic achievement; school segregation; curriculum differentiation and streaming; international large-scale assessments (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, PIAAC); sociology of education; quantitative methods

Scott Davies 
Sociology of education; large-scale data analysis; research design and methods; policy-oriented research; organizational analyses; student achievement

Elizabeth Dhuey
Economics of education; program and policy analysis; quantitative methods; special education finance; skills and education for the future world of work; and early childhood education

Claudia Diaz Rios
Politics of education; the interaction between global dynamics, domestic policies, and school change; changes in education governance, both globally and domestically, and their effects on the operation of schools and student learning

Joseph Flessa (Program Coordinator)
Politics and education; school-level leadership; administrative, leadership and organizational theory; applied research; urban education; comparative education  

Whitneé Garrett-Walker
Educational leadership, critical race theory in education, urban education, Black women in school leadership, school leadership preparation and continued development for educational justice

Ann Lopez

Culturally responsive leadership and pedagogy; social justice leadership; school leadership; critical multicultural education; mentoring for diversity and equity; and teacher education 

Carly Manion
Equity and social justice; sociology of education; comparative and international education; gender and education; education multilateralism; international organizations; policy; governance; teacher development

Karen Mundy 
International organizations and educational change; global citizenship; civil society and education

Coleen Scully-Stewart
Educational leadership; organizational culture; educator development; school leadership, policy, change and social diversity

Stephanie Tuters
Social justice approaches to k-12 school leadership, teaching, and policy; equity; inclusion; micropolitics; higher education leadership, policy, and practice   

Marvin Zuker
Educational law, criminal and family law; intersections of law and education; teachers, administrators, human rights and the rights of the child