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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Grace L Karram Stephenson

Grace L Karram Stephenson
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream


Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Research Overview

How do the pressures of the global knowledge economy reshape professors' work? How do historically-underrepresented groups experience identity formation at university? How do branch-campuses reshape political and ethnic divisions in post-colonial countries? How are universities tackling large-scale, global problems through knowledge diplomacy? How are culture and spirituality manifest in western, secular institutions?

These questions are at the heart of my research pursuits. Each question considers the societal purpose of higher education and how the changing nature of universities and colleges impacts the related communities. Over the past decade I have studied these programs in Canada, the USA, Fiji, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. Most recently, I have led the Canadian chapter of the Academic Profession in the Knolwedge Society study, a large-scale survey of professors work in 31 countries.

In the higher education program, I teach the introductory course "Recurring Issues" which is a great opportunity to meet our incoming students. I also teach comparative higher education and systems of higher education.

Academic History

Grace received her MA and PhD from OISE's Higher Education Program. Her doctoral fieldwork took her to Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates where she explored the diverse identity journeys of undergraduate students at branch-campuses.

Representative Publications

Karram Stephenson, G. (2021). From Elite to Expendable: A Historic Analysis of the Crises Facing Canada’s Professoriate. Special Issue of Brock Education Journal. Spring 2021.

Bégin-Caouette, O., Nakano Koga, S.M., Karram Stephenson, G. (2021). ' L’influence relative des instruments de gouvernance fédéraux et provinciaux sur la production de recherche au Canada : la perspective professorale,’ La Revue canadienne d'enseignement supérieur.

Karram Stephenson, G., Jones, G.A., Fick, E., Bégin-Caouette, O., Taiyeb, A., Metcalfe, A.S. (2020). What’s the protocol? Canadian university research ethics boards and variations in implementing Tri-council policy for higher education researchers. Canadian Journal of Higher Education.

Karram Stephenson, G., Jones, G.A., Bégin-Caouette, O., Metcalfe, A.S. (2020). Teaching, Research and the Canadian Professoriate: Findings from the 2018 Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society Survey. Special Issue of Higher Education Forum.

Karram Stephenson, G. & Rajendram, S. (2018).“This barrier between:” the ethnic divisions of higher education in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Higher Education, 77(5), 889-903.

Karram Stephenson, G., Stephenson, J., & Karram, J. (2018). Privilege, (In)Competence and Worth: Conflicting emotions of the student-mom and her support community. In B.M. Muhammad & M.A. Nueilly (Eds.), Mothering From The Field. Rutgers University Press (In Press).

Karram, G. & Gabay, D. (2015). Aren’t we all international students? Supporting diverse populations at university branch-campuses. In K. Bista (ed). International Students Mobility, Services, and Policy in Higher Education. IGI GLobal.

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Karram, G. (2013). International students as lucrative markets or vulnerable populations: A critical discourse analysis of national and institutional events in four nations. Canadian and International Education. 42(1).

Karram, G. (2012). A futile search for values and pedagogy? A discursive analysis of the marketing messages of branch-campuses in higher education hubs.” Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 44 (2), 274-296

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