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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Jean-Paul Restoule

Jean-Paul Restoule

phone: (416) 978-0806
email: jeanpaul.restoule@utoronto.ca  

Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Research Overview

Dr. Restoule is concerned with bringing Aboriginal worldviews to a wide audience and infusing Aboriginal perspectives into mainstream discourse. His research interests include:
• Aboriginal worldviews and indigenous knowledge
• Aboriginal identity development and media representation;
• Indigenous research methodologies and ethics;
• Aboriginal access to formal education;
• Aboriginal perspectives in teacher education.

Academic History

Jean-Paul is Associate Professor of Aboriginal Education and a member of the Dokis First Nation (Anishinaabe). He earned his M.A. in Communication Studies at the University of Windsor and completed his Ph.D. in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at OISE/UT.

Dr. Restoule founded the Ontario chapter of the Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) program and was Chair of the Indigenous Education Network at OISE for several years. He is a past Program Coordinator of Adult Education and Community Development and co-director of the Transformative Learning Centre.

Teaching Overview

Dr. Restoule has taught the following courses:

LHA 1180H: Aboriginal Worldviews: Implications for Education
LHA 1184H: Aboriginal Knowledge
LHA 1171H: Foundations of Aboriginal Education
LHA 3184H: Indigenous Research Methodologies

COURSERA MOOC: Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

For a unique opportunity to learn from respected educators from the Aboriginal community invited to teach a summer course, check out:

LHA 3133H Special Topics in Aboriginal Community Learning

Past instructors include John Doran, Nancy Cooper, Stan Wesley, Karen McClain, Kerry Potts, and J'net Ay Ay Kwa Yak Sheelth

Representative Publications

Restoule, J.P., *Mashford-Pringle, A., *Chacaby, M., *Smillie, C., *Brunette, C., & *Russel, G. (2013). Supporting successful transitions to post-secondary education for indigenous students: Lessons from an institutional ethnography in Ontario Canada. International Indigenous Policy Journal.

*Cax a j ,  C. S .  Berman, H., Restoule, J. P., Varcoe, C. & Ray, S. L. (2013). Promises of peace and development: Mining and violence in Guatemala. Advances in Nursing Science, 36, 3. http://journals.lww.com/advancesinnursingscience/Abstract/2013/07000/Promises_of_Peace_and_Development__Mining_and.6.aspx

Restoule, J.P., *Gruner, S. & Metatawabin, E. (2013). Learning from place: A return to Traditional Mushkegowuk ways of knowing. Canadian Journal of Education, 36, 2, pp. 68-86. http://ojs.vre.upei.ca/index.php/cje-rce/article/view/1570

*Cax a j ,  C. S .  Berman, H., Varcoe, C., Ray, S. L., & Restoule, J. P. (2012). Tensions in Anti-Colonial Research: Lessons learned by Collaborating with a Mining-Affected Indigenous Community. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 44. (4 WINTER 2012), pp. 76-95.

Restoule, J.P., *Gruner, S., & Metatawabin, E. (2012). Land, self-determination and the social economy in Fort Albany First Nation. In L. Mook, J. Quarter, & S. Ryan (Eds.), Businesses with a difference: Balancing the social and economic, pp. 183-201. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Restoule, J.P. (2011). Looking for a way in: Aboriginal Youth Talk about Access to University in Ontario. Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 33, 2, pp. 47-62.

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Restoule, J.P., & *Danard Wilson, D. (2010). Tobacco Ties: The Sacred in Aboriginal Research. Canadian Journal of Native Education, 33, 2, pp. 29-45.

Restoule, J.P., *McGee, A., Flicker, S., Larkin, J., *Smillie-Adjarkwa, C., (2010). Suit the situation: Comparing Urban and on-reserve Aboriginal youth preferences for effective HIV prevention messaging. Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research. Vol. 3, pp. 5-16. http://www.caan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Suit-the-Situation-Comparing-Urban-and-On-Reserve-Aboriginal-youth-preferences-for-Effective-HIV.pdf

Restoule, J.P.  (2009). The values carry on: Aboriginal identity formation of the urban-raised generationCanadian Journal of Native Education, 31, 2, pp. 15-33.

Restoule, J.P. (2008). Aboriginal education and self-government: Assessing success and identifying the challenges to Restoring Aboriginal Jurisdiction of Education. In Y. Belanger (Ed.), Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada (3rd Edition). Chapter 18: pp. 373-392. Saskatoon: Purich Publishing.

*Madjidi, K, & Restoule, J.P. (2008). Comparative Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning. In K. Mundy, K. Bickmore, R. Hayhoe, M. Madden & K. Madjidi (Eds.), Comparative and International Education: Issues for Teachers. Chapter 4, pp. 77-106. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press Inc. (Simultaneously published in the United States with Teachers College Press).

Flicker, S., Larkin, J., *Smillie-Adjarkwa, C., Restoule, J.P., Barlow, K., Dagnino, M., *Ricci, C., *Koleszar-Green, R., and Mitchell, C., (2007). “It’s hard to change something when you don’t know where to start”: Unpacking HIV Vulnerability with Aboriginal Youth in Canada. Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Indigenous and Aboriginal Community Health, 5 (2), December 2007.

Restoule, J.P. (2006). Education as healing: How urban Aboriginal men described post-secondary schooling as decolonizing. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 34 (2005), pp. 123-131.

Restoule, J.P., Harder, B. & Cuthbert, M. (2001). Looking inward for film visions: Aboriginal empowerment through film. In Melkote, S. R. & Rao, S. (Eds.) Critical issues in communication: Looking inward for answers, pp. 241-259. New Delhi: Sage.

Restoule, J.P. (2000). Aboriginal identity: The need for historical and contextual perspectives. Canadian Journal of Native Education, 24(2), 102-111.

More available here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jean_Paul_Restoule/contributions

Research Grants and Contracts

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2016-2021)
Kimaaciihtoomin e-anishinaabe-kikinoo’amaageyak: Inspiring teachers to include aboriginal histories knowledges and perspectives in their classrooms

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2016-2019)
Indigenous knowledge and pedagogies in online environments: gaining insight into wise practices for web-based indigenous education innovation

Knowledge Network Applied Education Research (2011-2013)
Kimaaciihtoomin e-anishinaabe-kikinoo’amaageyak: Beginning to teach in an indigenous way will provide evidence-based, practical examples for elementary and secondary school teachers striving to create inclusive classrooms that foster Aboriginal student achievement in urban Toronto.

Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (2010-2012)
Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement is developing SAGE Ontario’s links to other universities, increasing awareness of SAGE activities and holding a student writing retreat and symposium

Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (2010-2012)
Deepening Knowledge, Enhancing Instruction is infusing OISE’s Teacher Education Program with indigenous knowledge, pedagogy, content, and perspectives through staff and instructor development, and building relationships with Aboriginal communities.

CIHR Operating Grant (2011-14)
Taking Action II: Fostering Aboriginal Leadership in HIV Prevention Using Arts-Based Methods (Co-investigator; Sarah Flicker, PI)

CIHR Operating Grant (2008-2011)
Taking Action: Using Arts-Based Approaches to Develop Aboriginal Youth Leadership in HIV Prevention (Co-investigator; Sarah Flicker, PI)

Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (2007-2009)
Access to Post-secondary Education for Aboriginal People in Ontario

Canadian Council on Learning (2007-2009)
The impact of an arts-based curriculum on the professional development of teachers in Aboriginal communities (co-investigator, Anne Patteson, PI)

SSHRC Aboriginal Development Grant
Minobimaatisiiwin: Indigenous knowledge, Sustainability and Aboriginal People in Toronto. Co-investigator with Deb McGregor (P.I.), Daniel Justice, Alex McKay and Keren Rice.

Honours and Awards

2014 David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

Professional Activities

Deepening Knowledge Teacher Resources for Indigenous Education Project

Online indigenous education resources

Other Information

Supporting Aboriginal Learners

Learning from place: A return to Traditional Mushkegowuk ways of knowing.

Suit the situation: Comparing Urban and on-reserve Aboriginal youth preferences for effective HIV prevention messaging.

Promises of peace and development: Mining and violence in Guatemala. http://journals.lww.com/advancesinnursingscience/Abstract/2013/07000/Promises_of_Peace_and_Development__Mining_and.6.aspx