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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Carol Campbell

Carol Campbell


Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Research Overview

Dr. Campbell is committed to advancing the use of research and evidence to inform, understand and contribute to educational change strategies involving policies and practices to strengthen professional capacity and to improve student opportunity, learning, achievement and equity. She is particularly interested in whole system reforms for large-scale change leveraging evidence of effective and promising practices within and across classrooms, schools, districts, provinces/states and countries.

Dr. Campbell's research and teaching includes attention to:

Whole system reform and large-scale change strategies
Content, implementation and impact of education policies, K-12
Leadership values, roles, styles and behaviours
Roles, capacities and effectiveness of school districts
School improvement strategies in a range of contexts
Teaching and learning systems to support both professional learning and student learning linked to classroom practice
Policies and practices to tackle disadvantage and to advance social justice, opportunity policy and equity for students and educators
Use of research, evaluation and data to inform policy and practice
Knowledge mobilization and research capacity building strategies

Academic History

Dr. Carol Campbell is Professor of Leadership and Educational Change at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She is a member of the International Council of Education Advisors for the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of the Scottish Government, and serves on several international education and advisory boards. Originally from Scotland, Dr. Campbell has held education, academic and government roles in Canada, the UK and the USA. In Canada, she previously held progressively senior government official roles in the Ontario Ministry of Education, including becoming the first Chief Research Officer. She was also appointed as an Education Advisor to the Premier and Minister of Education in Ontario from 2014-18. Dr. Campbell's recent books are: Teacher Learning and Leadership: Of, By and For Teachers (Routledge), Empowering Educators in Canada (Jossey-Bass) and Empowered Educators: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World (Jossey-Bass). She is an active Twitter contributor @CarolCampbell4.

Teaching Overview

Carol teaches the following courses:
LHAE1004 Research Literacy in Educational Leadership and Policy
LHAE1020 Teachers and Educational Change
LHAE5007 Developing and Organizing People in Education
LHAE3003 Research Proposals for the EdD Educational Leadership and Policy
LHAE3004 Research Literacy for the EdD Educational Leadership and Policy

Representative Publications

Selected Recent Publications:

Campbell, C., Arain A., & Ceau. M., (2022). Secondary School Teachers’ Experiences of Implementing Hybrid Learning and Quadmester Schedules in Peel, Ontario

Baumann, R., Campbell, C., Kidder, A., & Daniel, B.J. (2020). Considerations for Re-Opening Ontario’s Schools: Principles, Ideas and Strategies

Campbell, C., Baumann, R., Kidder, A., & Daniel, B.J. (2020). A Gentle Return to School: Go Slow to Go Fast

Campbell, C., Clinton, J., Fullan, M., Hargreaves, A., James, A., Longboat, K. D. (2018) Read Findings and Recommendations from the Independent Review of Assessment and Reporting, Ontario: A Learning Province . Education Advisors to the Premier of Ontario.


Selected Books:

Campbell, C., Zeichner, K., Osmond-Johnson, P., Lieberman, A. with Hollar, J., Pisani, S. & Sohn, J. (2017). Empowered Educators in Canada: How High Performing Education Systems Shape Teaching Quality. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

Darling-Hammond, L., Burns, D., Campbell, C., Goodwin, A.L., Hammerness, K., Low, E.L., McIntyre, A., Sato, M. & Zeichner, K. (2017). Empowered Educators: How High Performing Education Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around The World. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass.

Lieberman, A., Campbell, C. & Yashkina, A. (2017). Teacher Learning and Leadership: Of, By and For Teachers. London, UK: Routledge.

Honours and Awards

Canadian Teachers' Federation, Public Education Advocacy Award (2020) for dedicated long-standing service and significant contributions to publicly funded education.