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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Carly Manion

Carly Manion
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: 416-987-0797

Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Comparative, International and Development Education

Research Overview

With extensive professional experience in East and West Africa as well as North America, Carly's research interests include equity and social justice, gender and education, civil society, social movements, public policy, school improvement, teacher development, the politics of education, and educational multilateralism and governance. Dr. Manion's research has been supported by a variety of agencies and organizations, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the International Development Research Centre of Canada, the Canadian International Development Agency (now Global Affairs Canada), and she has provided contract services, including educational program development and evaluation for such groups as the Aga Khan Foundation, Canada, UNESCO, UNICEF, British Council, the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative, the Hewlett Foundation, and Open Society Foundation.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic History

2004-2010: Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology in Education with Specialization in Comparative, International and Development Education), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (OISE)

Thesis title: Girls' Education as a Means or End of Development? A Case Study of Gender and Education Policy Knowledge and Action in The Gambia

Supervisor: Dr. Karen Mundy (OISE)
Thesis committee: Dr. Sandra Acker & Dr. Ruth Hayhoe (OISE)
External Examiner: Dr. Elaine Unterhalter (Institute of Education/
University of London)

2000-2003: Master of Arts (International Development Studies), Saint Mary's University (Halifax)

1995-2000: Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Political Studies & Philosophy) Trent University (Peterborough)

Teaching Overview

At OISE, I have taught the following courses multiple times:

LHA1003: Designing Masters Research Proposals
LHA1004: Research Literacy in Educational Administration
CIE1001: Introduction to Comparative, International and Development Education
LHA1066: Comparative and International Perspectives on Gender and Education Policy and Practice
CTL1060: Education and Social Development
LHAE: Global Governance and Educational Change

I have also supervised several practicums (CIE1002).

Representative Publications

Manion, C., Anderson, E., Baily, S., Call-Cummings, M., Iyengar, R., Shah, P., and Witenstein, M. (Eds.) (2019). Interrogating and innovating comparative and international education research. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Publishers.

Manion, C. and Shah, P. (2019). Special Issue: Decolonizing Gender and Education Research: Unsettling and Recasting Feminist Knowledges, Power and Research Practice. Gender and Education, 31(4), 445-561. 

Bickmore, K., Hayhoe, R., Manion, C., Mundy, K. and R.Read (Eds) (2017). Comparative and international education: Issues for teachers (2nd Edition). Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.

Manion, C. and Njie, H. (2017). Understanding the Gambia success story in girls’ education. In E. Brown (Ed.) Global perspectives on gender and sexuality in education: Raising awareness, fostering equity, advancing justice (pp. 61-84). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.

Manion, C. (2016). Reflecting on gender and education research and practice in the field of comparative and international education: Past, present and future. In A. Wiseman (Ed.), Annual Review of Comparative and International Education, 28, 61-72. 

Manion, C. (2015). Education in Senegal: Trends and Futures. In E. Amoako (Ed.), Education in West Africa (pp. 26-38). London: Bloomsbury/Continuum. 

Manion, C. (2012). Power, knowledge, and politics: Exploring the contested terrain of girl-focused interventions at the national launch of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative in The Gambia. Journal of Theory and Research in Education, 10(3), 229-252.

Manion, C. (2008). Feeling, thinking, doing: Emotional capital, empowerment, and women’s education. In I. Epstein (Ed.), Recapturing the personal: Essays on education and embodied knowledge in comparative perspective. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Manion, C. (2008). Assessing the status of women’s empowerment through education: A case study of women students at the University of The Gambia’. In M. A. Maslak (Ed.), The Agency and Structure of Women’s Education. New York: SUNY Press.

Menashy, F. and Manion, C. (2016). The Historical Evolution and Current Challenges of the United Nations and Global Education Policy-Making. In K. Mundy, A. Green, B. Lingard and T. Verger (eds), Global policy and policy-making in education (319-334). West Sussex: Wiley Blackwell. 

Stromquist, N., Holmarsdottir, H., Manion, C. (2016). Focusing on gender and education. In Erwin Epstein (Ed.) Crafting a Global Field: Six Decades of the Comparative and International Education Society. Hong Kong, The Comparative Education Research Centre, University of Hong Kong: Springer.

Mundy, K. and Manion, C. (2015). The education for all initiative. In E. Unterhalter and T. McCowan (eds), Education and international development: Practice, policy and research (pp. 49-68). London: Bloomsbury.

Mundy, K. and Manion, C. (2014). Globalization and global governance in education. In N. Stromquist and K. Monkman (eds), Globalization and education: Integration and contestation across cultures, 2nd edition. Lanham, MA: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 

Manion, C. and F. Menashy (2013). The prospects and challenges of reforming the World Bank’s approach to gender and education: Exploring the value of the capability policy model in The Gambia. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 14(2), 214-240. 

Mundy, K., with M. Sivasubramaniam, R. Maclure, M. Haggerty and C. Manion. (2010). Civil society actors and the state in the achievement of Education for All – Lessons from Kenya, Tanzania, Mali and Burkina Faso.” Development In Practice. 20(4-5), 484-497.

Mundy, K. and C. Manion (2008). Global education in Canadian elementary schools: An exploratory study. Canadian Journal of Education 31(4), 941-974.

Research Grants and Contracts

Winter 2017 - Research Consultant (Toronto), Ontario Ministry of Education, "The importance of global education for Ontario learners: A practical strategy summary".

Winter 2017 - Research Consultant (Toronto), British Council, "Gender and the teaching of
English and digital literacies: Reviewing the literature to understand the issues and identify promising practices in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia".

September 2016 - February 2017 - Research Consultant (Toronto/Paris), UNESCO, "Lessons learned from the EFA experiences of sub-Saharan African countries".

Honours and Awards

2010: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Post-Doctoral Fellowship
2008: Winner of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)/Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) Graduate Student Competition
2007: Academic Excellence Award (OISE)
2006: International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Doctoral Research Award
2006: Academic Excellence Award (OISE)
2006: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Award
2005: Academic Excellence Award (OISE)
2005: Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)
2004: Nominated for P. E. Trudeau Fellowship (OISE)
2003: University Gold Medal (Saint Mary's University, Halifax)
2003: Nominated for Governor General's Medal (Saint Mary's University)
2002: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Innovative Student Research Award
2001: Academic Scholarship (Saint Mary's University, Halifax)