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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Jennifer Wemigwans

Jennifer Wemigwans
Assistant Professor


Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Research Overview

My research is focussed on Indigenous Knowledge Education that reflects and embraces diverse Indigenous Nations nationally and internationally. As a transnational media producer and educator, I enjoy working collaboratively with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, and understand that my role is to help facilitate the ethical representation and dissemination of Indigenous Knowledge in various media platforms.

I believe that community engagement is defined as collaboration and knowledge mobilization for the benefit of all stakeholders, and not just for those in the academy. This type of approach aligns with Indigenous methods and pedagogies that I have utilized in my work as a producer, creating online projects like, Wampum Interactive, the Indigenous Timekeepers project, and diverse other sites and applications supporting Indigenous languages and cultures.

Academic History

To date I continue to explore how Indigenous Studies and knowledge contribute to research ethics and to relationship building by challenging us to think about how meaning is derived. I am excited by the prospects of community empowerment from an Indigenous perspective and committed to exploring the convergence between education, Indigenous knowledge and new media technologies in my research work.

Teaching Overview

My teaching contribution will be given through the perspective of a writer, media producer and educator committed to the study of ethics, representation, Indigenous research methodologies, and relationship building across diverse communities.

Upcoming courses are:

LHA1184 Indigenous Knowledge: Implications for Education - Spring 2021
This course examines the meaning and application of Indigenous Knowledge in social, cultural and political fields, which are key to Indigenous resurgence. -- Course Full

LHA1196 Walking Together, Talking Together, the Praxis of Reconciliation - Fall 2021
This course examines truth and reconciliation commissions in Canada and elsewhere to better understand the context, impact and relations that are engendered through such commissions.

LHA1183 Indigenous Knowledge Implications for Education - Fall 2021
This course examines the meaning and application of Indigenous Knowledge in social, cultural and political fields, which are key to Indigenous resurgence.

LHA3184 Indigenous Research Methodologies - Winter 2022
This course will articulate and locate Indigenous methodologies and perspectives for the purposes of providing a variety of strategies for thinking about research work.

Representative Publications

A Digital Bundle: Protecting and Promoting Indigenous Knowledge Online. 2018 University of Regina Press


Book Reviews:

"A Digital Bundle highlights the Internet and its role in the transmission of Indigenous Knowledge from Elders and established Indigenous academics... Jennifer Wemigwans has clearly emerged as an exemplary model of a new generation of Indigenous scholar who is ethically responsible and equally knowledgeable about the generational transference of knowledge in Indigenous communities.  This work is not only about the interstices of Indigenous Knowledge and technology but, based on Wemigwans' example, a new standard for practicing it." 

Jolene Rickard, Director of the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program, Cornell University 


"Wemigwans concept of the digital bundle is an integral and effective intellectual intervention, [one that] I can see as the cornerstone of a much greater theoretical work about the epistemic facets of digitzied Indigenous Knowledge... The more documentation that we have of "digital bundles," the more that policy-makers, librarians, archivists, museum specialists, and technologists can prepare spaces for these kinds of projects... Therefore, this is an important book not only to an Indigenous studies audience, but also within the field of library and information science, archival and museum studies, Internet studies, cultural studies, and society and technology studies." 

Marisa Duarte, author of Network Sovereignty: Building the Internet across Indian Country 



Research Grants and Contracts

University of Toronto Connaught New Researcher Award for 4D Indigenous Languages Prototype, Principal Investigator Jennifer Wemigwans. July 2020 to 2022

Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation Grant Award for Mapping Toronto: Engaging Indigenous Knowledge/ Principal Investigators: Jennifer Wemigwans and Jane Wolff

SSHRC Insight Development Grant for the Indigenous Timekeepers Project, Jennifer Wemigwans, Principal Investigator. July 2019 to 2021

Canada Council Program: Creating, Knowing and Sharing the Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples for the Mola Dulad Media Collective Indigenous Knowledge project. Producer, Jennifer Wemigwans- June 2018 - 2021

SSHRC Partnerships Development Grant for Indigenous knowledge and pedagogies in online learning environments: Gaining insight into wise practices for web-based Indigenous education innovation. Jennifer Wemigwans, Co-Investigator with Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule July 2016 to 2020