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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Jamie Magnusson

Jamie Magnusson
Associate Professor


Department: Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Research Overview

I write and teach about how urban poverty is organized, and about how urban communities -- and in particular queer/trans BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour) -- can reclaim urban spaces from processes such as gentrification and police surveillance. I have years of experience in community organizing with queer/trans communities and sex workers. I am interested in community defence involving organizing harm reduction, food sovereignty, health care access, and education for communities that are marginalized and targeted for state violence.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic History

Ph.D. University of Manitoba, Psychology, 1989
M.A. University of Manitoba, Psychology, 1984
B.A. (Honours), University of Manitoba, Psychology, 1982

Teaching Overview

Queer Marx

Precarity and Dispossession: Urban Poverty and Rebel Cities

Queer Interventions: Community Tools for Adult Educators

Academic Capitalism: Higher Education with a Corporate Agenda

Higher Education: War, Conflict, and Terror

Radical Democratic Approaches to Policy Studies in Education

Representative Publications

2019 Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations:

Magnusson, J. (2019). Queer Trans Sex Worker Organizing. Paper presented at the Anti-69 Conference, Ottawa. March 23, 2019.

Magnusson, J. (2019). Queer/Trans Fugitivity. Paper presented at the Socialist Studies Society, Vancouver, June. 

Brandson, B. & Magnusson, J. (2019). Education and the Militainment Complex. Paper presented at the Socialist Studies Society, Vancouver, June.

Magnusson, J. (2019). Queer/Trans BIWOC and Sex Worker Organizing in the Context of Capitalism’s Production of Illegal Economies. Paper presented at the meetings of the Historical Materialism Conference, Toronto, September.

Magnusson, J. (2019). Sex Worker Spaces of Fugitive Organizing, Paper to be presented at the National Women’s Studies Association, San Francisco, November.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications:

Magnusson, J. (in review). Understanding Financialization from the Perspective of Harm Reduction Work. In Financialization exposed: Mobilizing communities in austere times. Moss Park Collective (Ed.)

Magnusson, J. (in review). Rebel communities. In Financialization exposed: Mobilizing communities in austere times. Moss Park Collective (Ed.)

Magnusson, J. (2018). Queer holistic pedagogies. In Miller, Nigh, Binder, Novak, Crowell (Eds.) The International Handbook for Holistic Education. London: Routledge.

Magnusson, J. (2018). Fractious Bodies and Rebel Streets. In S. Batacharya and R. Wong (Eds), Sharing breath: Embodied learning and decolonization. Athabasca University Press. 

Magnusson, J. (2016). Protest against threats to feminists at the University of Toronto. Resources for Feminist Research, 34 (3&4), 139-140. 

Gajardo, L., & Magnusson, J. (2016). Editorial. Resources for Feminist Research, 34 (3&4), 1-2. This editorial was written as an introduction to the inaugural online issue of RFR

Magnusson, J. (2015). Financialization. In S. Mojab (Ed.), Marxism and Feminism, London and New York: Zed Books

Magnusson, J. & Shahrzad, M. (2015). War of gender games. In N. Taber (Ed.), Learning gendered militarism in Canada: A lifelong pedagogy of acceptance and resistance. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.

Abergel, E. & Magnusson, J. (2014). The art of (bio)surveillance: Bioart and the financialization of life systems. Topia, Special Issue "The Financialized Imagination", 30-31, 237-254.

Magnusson, J. (2013). Biosurveillance as a terrain of innovation in an era of monopoly financial capital. Policy Futures in Education 11(6), 745-754.

Magnusson, J. (2013). Precarious learning and labour in financialized times. Brock Journal of Education, Special Issue on The Impact of Globalization on Adult and Higher Education, 22(2), 69-83.

Honours and Awards

1990 Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education Dissertation Award: For the most outstanding Canadian dissertation.

Three of my students' theses have received thesis of the year awards from the following societies:
American Education Research Association, Queer Special Interest Group,
Canadian Society for Studies in Education, Philosophy
Canadian Society for Studies in Higher Education

Professional Activities

Executive Positions:
Head, Centre for Women's Studies in Education (CWSE) (2015-2018)
Program Coordinator, Adult Education and Community Development (2014-2016)
Director, Transformative Learning Centre (2015)
P.I. Resources for Feminist Research
Acting Head, Centre for Women's Studies in Education (CWSE), 2013
Program Coordinator, Higher Education Program, 2007-2009
Applied Semiotics SIG, AERA, SIG Chair, 2005, 2006
Applied Semiotics SIG, AERA, Program Chair, 2003, 2004
Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education Executive Committee, 1993-1995
Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Conference Coordinator, Annual Meeting, University of Manitoba, 1993

Editorial Positions:
Resources for Feminist Research, Editorial Board
Socialist Studies, Book Review Editor, 2005
Canadian Journal of Higher Education, Co-Editor, 1996-1999
Instructional Evaluation and Faculty Development (AERA), Associate Editor, 1993

Other Information

I support sex worker focused harm reduction; No Pride in Policing; Decriminalization; Police and Prison Abolition