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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

New Instructor Resource

Departmental contacts for new instructors

Department and program heads

Nina Bascia Department Chair 416-978-1515 nina.bascia@utoronto.ca
Peter Sawchuk Department Associate Chair 416-978-0570 peter.sawchuk@utoronto.ca
TBA Program Coordinator, Adult Education and Community Development     
Scott Davies Program Coordinator, Educational Leadership and Policy 416-978-1157 scott.davies@utoronto.ca
Creso Sa Program Coordinator, Higher Education 416-978-1206 c.sa@utoronto.ca
Kathy Bickmore Collaborative Specialization Director, Comparative,  International, and Development Education  416-978-0237 kathy.bickmore@utoronto.ca
Peter Sawchuk Collaborative Specialization Director, Workplace Learning and Social Change 416-978-0570 peter.sawchuk@utoronto.ca
Nina Bascia Collaborative Specialization Director, Educational Policy 416-978-1515 nina.bascia@utoronto.ca



Vesna Bajic,
Communications and Special Projects

Communications, research grant support, and events 416-978-1205 vesna.bajic@utoronto.ca

Joanne Bedasie,
Business Officer

Payroll, reimbursement, grant budget support

416-978-0728 joanne.bedasie@utoronto.ca
Alanna Biason,
Program Assistant

Student and instructor support 

(e.g., student advising, courses, teaching, technical support) 

416-978-1251 lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Dana Britton,
Program Assistant

Student and instructor support

(e.g., student advising, courses, teaching, technical support) 

416-978-1251 lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Karen Dinsdale Kaufman,
Executive Assistant to the Chair

Faculty support

(e.g., Job postings, contracts, Quercus access) 

Gina Dangoy, 
Finance and Operations Assistant

Operations and finance

(e.g., keys, office supplies, payroll paperwork)

416-978-1201 gina.dangoy@utoronto.ca
Karolina Szymanski,
Graduate Liaison Officer

Academic, course and student support

(e.g., course information, grades, room bookings, student counselling)