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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

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Supporting and accommodating students


The University of Toronto has made a clear commitment to providing effective accommodation for students with disabilities. Please see the University’s Statement of Commitment Regarding Persons with Disabilities for details.

OISE's Office of the Registrar and Student Services works closely with the University of Toronto's Accessibility Services to implement recommended accommodations for students. 

The term "accommodation" refers to any service, equipment, or special arrangement that is put in place to support students with a documented disability that affects their ability to function in an academic or practicum setting.

When a student in your course has registered with Accessibility Services and requires an accommodation in your course, you will be notified by Accessibility Services directly. 

U of T Student Life offers important information for faculty and staff about accommodating and supporting students with disabilities. Please review this carefully. 

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Nina Bascia, Chair of the Department. 


Religious holidays

No student should suffer academic penalty for the observance of their faith. Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling tests, examinations or other compulsory activities during religious holidays.

Students have a responsibility to alert members of the teaching staff in a timely fashion to upcoming religious observances and anticipated absences.

Student resources

Here is a list of important students resources available at U of T. Please share these with students where relevant. 



UofT Accessibility Services

OISE Accessibility


Grad Minds

Grad Counselling Services

U of T Wellness Workshops


Academic Success Centre

Best Time to Completion Practices for Doctoral Students

Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC)

Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre

Graduate Supervision Guidelines for Students

OISE Student Success Centre

School of Graduate Studies' (SGS) Writing Centre 

SGS International Graduate Student Portal


Career Exploration and Education

Resources for Indigenous Students

First Nations House: Indigenous Student Services 

Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE UT)