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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

Statement in Solidarity with Colombian People

Since April 28th, thousands of Colombians have joined massive protests against reforms in a number of cities that threaten to exacerbate the already large poverty and social inequality in the country. The government response to the economic challenges that COVID-19 brought to the country was a tax reform that would arguably affect middle- and low-income households. The tax reform was largely rejected by the population, producing a national strike that quickly went beyond the opposition to the tax bill to demand more equitable social reforms.  During the 23 days of national strike, the government response has been military and police repression including physical violence, homicides, police interventions against peaceful protests, detentions, blockades and shortages of food and medicine. The government has not authorized the visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. 

In solidarity with the Colombian people and with our Colombian students, faculty, and staff, the OISE community rejects the violent repression, calls on the international community to monitor, and demand adequate guarantees from the Colombian government for the protection of Human Rights.