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Research Courses

You do not require any previous experience with research when you begin the MT program. In the first year, you’ll take an introductory “research literacy” course. In the second year, you will build on this knowledge and conduct small-scale research study of your own. Here is a brief description of each course:

1. Year 1: CTL7006 Educational Research 1 – Research Literacy.

This course fosters MT candidates’ research literacy and deepens their understanding of the role that research plays in the field of education. Candidates develop understanding of how to access, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate research literature, as well as what it means to enact research-informed practice. Candidates also deepen their understanding of how their own positionalities and experiences affect their identities and practices as teacher-researchers. In this course, candidates review the research literature in an area of education that interests them, and write a 15-20 research paper.

2. Year 2: CTL7015 Educational Research 2 – Research Methods Lab.

In this course, candidates conduct a small scale qualitative research study using either semi-structured interviews or document analysis. This course gives special attention to research design, data collection, data analysis, and knowledge mobilization. Candidates produce a 15-20 page research paper that outlines their research studies and findings, and they present their research at the annual end-of-year MT Research Conference.

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 MT Research Conference 2018