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Role of the MT Visioning Advisory Committee

• Contribute expertise
• Seek and provide input from their department and unit colleagues and the internal community
• Liaise and share information with department and unit colleagues, internal and external community members

For further details about the role of the committee, please review the complete Terms of Reference.



  • Clare Brett, Professor and CTL Chair (Committee co-Chair)
  • Jason Brennan, PhD Candidate CTL (MT Alumni)
  • Diane Farmer, Associate Professor SJE & CREFO
  • Joseph Flessa, Associate Professor LHAE
  • Kim Holman, Associate Registrar, Admissions, Enrolment Management & Awards ORSS
  • Derek Hunt, Instructional Technology EC
  • Hilary Inwood, Lecturer M.T., B.Ed. & CTEP
  • Aakriti Kapoor, MT Candidate
  • Clare Kosnik, Professor CTL & Director Jackman Institute of Child Studies Director
  • Coco Lee, MT Candidate
  • Cathy Marks-Krpan, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream CTL
  • Rhonda Martinussen, Associate Professor, APHD & MA CSE Program Chair
  • Leslie Stewart Rose, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream CTL & Academic Director CTEP
  • Sandra Styres, Assistant Professor, CTL
  • Terezia Zoric, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream SJE


Ex-Officio Members

  • Anne Marie Chudleigh, Partnership Coordinator
  • Jim Hewitt, Associate Professor & Associate Chair CTL, Teacher Education
  • Arlo Kempf, MT Associate Program Chair, Secondary Program Coordinator
  • Angela MacDonald, MT Research Coordinator
  • Mary Reid, MT Elementary Program Coordinator
  • Kathy Broad, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream CTL
  • Glen A. Jones, OISE Dean