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What is it?

A flat-screen visual-display electronic message board.

What does it do?

  • Displays information and images on an electronic screen, such as the OISE logo, building notices, upcoming events, news items and specially targeted messages that have been sent using a web-based form

  • Two screens are mounted on the either side of the elevator hallway on the walls outside the Education Commons in the OISE lobby.

  • The screen on the left displays the building directory and changes occasionally

  • The screen on the right displays up-to-the-minute events and important or emergency announcements

  • Information comes from: U of T Office of Space Management, OISE CAO Office and OISE Communications Office

How do I access it?

View information and messages on the screens in the lobby, located on the first floor of the OISE building.

How do I Submit to it?

Send news and events information to the lobby display sign by filling out and submitting a “content submission form” at the following url: http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/oise/Content_Submission.html

What are we doing with it?

As OISE media tools continue to evolve, you will find more dynamic content in different formats, such as video-streaming.


Digital Lobby Sign with message

OISE Event Submission Tool - Lobby Sign Preview Screen