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Faculty Council

OISE's Faculty Council sets and approves academic policy, principles, priorities, and the general direction for the teaching and research activities of OISE. Reporting up through OISE Council are several standing committees including the Appeals Committee, Equity Committee, Executive Committee (agenda-setting committee of Council), Academic Programs Committee, and the Research Committee.


Council is composed of 60 elected voting members (30 faculty/librarians, 5 instructors, 5 initial teacher education students, 10 graduate students and 10 staff), who are elected by their constituencies. There are 14 ex-officio voting members and 9 ex-officio non-voting members.


The Faculty Council runs elections and by-elections for vacant elected positions on the Faculty Council and Standing Committees alternately, each year in the early fall. The elections process is mostly electronic.


Faculty/librarian, graduate student and staff members of Council may choose to serve one- or two-year terms. Standing Committees members serve two-year terms.


There are a minimum of four governance meetings of Council each academic year (July 1 - June 30), and a schedule of meetings of the Faculty Council and its Standing Committees is circulated among the OISE community and posted on the governance website.

Operating Procedures (By-Laws)

The Bylaws, which were last updated by Faculty Council on April 22, 2015, govern the operating procedures for the Faculty Council and Standing Committees. The Bylaws include rules for electing/appointing members, terms of office, mandate and membership of Standing Committees, and general operating procedures.