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What is it?

  • An electronic newsletter

  • Published on-line

  • E-mailed to approximately 2900 subscribers including faculty, staff, students, alumni, media, government, teachers’ organizations, universities and other educational organizations at the local, national and international levels.

  • E-newsletter version is a digest newsletter, which is a shortened version of a newsletter that contains headlines and/or brief story summaries with hyperlinks to the full stories on web pages (also called landing pages).

What does it do?

Provides a real-time news feed on OISE programs, research, media coverage, awards, honors, fundraising, partnerships, upcoming events, and community activities.

How do I receive it?

How do I contribute to it?

Screenshot of the OISE E-newsletter

Screenshot of the OISE News Submission Tool


Screenshot of the OISE Event Submission Tool


Screenshot of the Events RSS Feed