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Research Spotlight: Limin Jao 

PhD Candidate
Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


How can success and enthusiasm increase in the mathematics classroom?


I am interested in the teaching strategies and decisions that mathematics teachers make to ensure their students have an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

I hope to have an impact on the teaching profession and education in general by highlighting success stories and exemplary teaching practices and procedures in the mathematics classroom. Of course I would also like my impact to be visible at a student level. If there is an increase in student achievement, quality of learning, motivation and enjoyment of being in the classroom, I will have succeeded.

Limin works with Featured Research Celebration Professor Douglas McDougall

I am fortunate to have Douglas McDougall as my supervisor. He was my supervisor for my MA and patiently guided me through a process that, at times, was confusing and intimidating. Our research interests are closely aligned, so it has been rewarding to be a part of his major research projects. I am able to learn more about the research process and reflect on my own research interests at the same time. Cognizant of my research interests and goals, he provides a variety of opportunities and guidance towards helping me reach these goals.


I wanted to go to a premier research institution for education in Canada, so the decision was easy – OISE!

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