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Research Spotlight: Mark Evans

Citizenship Teaching and Learning

What does it mean to educate for the “global dimension” of citizenship?

In most countries, preparing young people to be informed participants in the civic life of their community is an important goal of public schooling. Indeed, many recent studies explore the intricate processes by which young people learn about citizenship, how it might suitably be taught, and how it might be expressed in school curricula. Because of Canada’s unique mix of peoples, cultures, languages and geography, central to these studies are issues of social cohesion, equity and diversity, conflict, and rights and responsibilities.

Mark’s research investigates citizenship teaching and learning in its many representations in schooling contexts – from the local and indigenous to the national and global. Interwoven into his research are particular themes and issues related to curriculum design, pedagogical practice, equity and inclusion, and teacher education. Mark’s work endeavors to address the complex interplay of research, policy, practice, and context and to bring about improved learning experiences for educators and students. He is particularly interested in looking at how other countries are approaching similar questions and challenges as Canada.

As public issues increasingly transcend national boundaries, educators are being prompted to reconsider what it means to educate for citizenship in global civic cultures and contexts. One of Mark’s current research studies, Educating for the “global dimension” of citizenship in Canada, aims to explore how teachers educate for global citizenship in schools in urban and culturally diverse contexts in Canada. Underlying assumptions and contradictions that surround notions of global citizenship education are investigated in connection to teachers’ emerging understandings and practices. This research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Mark Evans is associate dean of Teacher Education and senior lecturer in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.


Mark's faculty profile (CTL)

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