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Realignment of Teacher Education & Graduate Education

The need to realign initial teacher education programs within the departmental structure at OISE emerged as an important objective during the strategic planning process conducted at OISE in 2011-2012. The Strategic Plan calls for: “Innovative and integrated programs that feature integration of Initial Teacher Education and Graduate programs, research-informed programs, and linkages between programs, across departments and with the University and the broader community” (p. 4).

Greater involvement of OISE’s continuing faculty in initial teacher education and shared ownership of the program across departments was recommended in the 2003 External Review of OISE. In their report the reviewers’ strongly recommended “…that means be found to spread the ownership of the teacher preparation program more broadly within OISE/UT (p. 6)”.

Task Force on Teacher Education

Consistent with OISE’s Strategic Plan (i.e. “to establish a working group to investigate models for a new Initial Teacher Education /Graduate Studies framework” p. 6), and outcomes of the Working Session on Teacher Education held on June 1, 2012, a Task Force was established to investigate models for the realignment of the teacher education programs and graduate education at OISE.

Task Force Membership

  • Jeanne Watson, Associate Dean, Programs – Chair

  • Carol Campbell, Associate Professor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

  • Biljana Cuckovic, Assistant to the Dean, Policy and Planning, Office of the Dean

  • Steve Katz, Senior Lecturer, Applied Psychology and Human Development

  • Clare Kosnik, Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

  • Ann Lopez, Lecturer, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

  • Roland Sintos Coloma, Associate Professor, Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education

  • Suzanne Stewart, Assistant Professor, Special Advisor to the Dean on Aboriginal Education

  • Rinaldo Walcott, Associate Professor, Special Advisor to the Dean on Equity and Accessibility


The objective of the Task Force was to investigate structural-organizational models for the realignment of the existing teacher education programs and the four recently restructured graduate departments at OISE.


At its inaugural meeting on July 4, 2012, the Task Force discussed the parameters of its work and adopted the following Terms of Reference, which outlined the process and set principles to guide the work of its members. These principles included:

  • Full and open consultation and communication

  • Transparent decision making

  • Unbiased review and development of alternative models

  • Alignment with the goals and objectives of OISE’s Strategic Plan and the University of Toronto’s Towards 2030

Input from the OISE community was requested and reviewed by the Task Force along with the administrative information about existing teacher education programs at OISE, the institutional context and trends and developments in teacher education in Ontario, Canada and around the world. This review informed the development of the three structural models for the realignment of teacher education and graduate education at OISE.

During the Winter term of 2012-2013 the Task Force was engaged in presenting the proposed models to the OISE community in a series of meetings and open houses. Everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to particpate and provide input both in person and via e-mail: In addition, an online survey was launched and sent to the community to request additional input. Input form community consultations and survey data will be considered by an advisory committee comprised of members both internal and external to OISE, schedule to convene in 2013-2014.