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Issues That Matter 


Faculty Research Profiles

Here are some profiles of research completed by OISE students.

Issue: Traditional Healing
Student Researcher: Patsy Sutherland

“Education has to be relevant to the work that I intend to do and speak to the issues that I’m most passionate about.”

For Patsy Sutherland being involved in the Traditional Healing Project provides an opportunity to study an emerging area that is of particular relevance. As a student in Counselling Psychology, Patsy’s Caribbean background provides a foundation for her work in the promotion of collaboration and integration of traditional healing practices with counselling and psychotherapy. The aim is the development of improved mental health services to address the needs of diverse communities.
Patsy Sutherland is an EdD student in the Counselling Psychology program.


Issue: Holistic Teacher Development
Student Researcher: Geoff Soloway

“I didn’t walk in here with the ideas I have today and I won’t leave with what I’m thinking right now.”

Geoff Soloway’s interest is in having teachers go through a formal mindful wellness training program, to help them develop more of the personal skills that will assist them in the classroom. This area is not yet fully integrated into the study or practice of education. “Mindfulness in education is still fairly novel. I’m open to the next wave of where this can go.”
Geoff Soloway is a PhD student in the Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development program.

issue: Equity In Our Public School System
Student Researcher: Ranya Khan

“There are so many good teachers here at OISE I’m able to really look at them as mentors and carry some ideas from their professional experiences into my professional experiences and interests.”

Ranya is interested in considering ways to make the system of education we have more equitable and accessible to all students. Her research focuses on the educational needs of English language learners with interrupted or disrupted formal schooling, and the ways educators can integrate and accommodate these learners into the Canadian school system.
Ranya Khan is a PhD student in the Second Language Education program.

Issue: Literacy and Learning how to read
Student Researcher: Andrea Regina

“My program has given me such a breadth of knowledge and so many diverse experiences that I’m well-prepared to go out into the practical world as a better practitioner and a better scientist.”

For Andrea Regina, it’s all about literacy and learning how to read. Without the basic skills, students are at much greater risk for sustaining poor educational, social and emotional outcomes. Andrea has dedicated her focus and research to finding sound remedial reading interventions to positively impact the long term consequences of low literacy skills. The School and Clinical Child Psychology program bridges her interests in education and mental health.
Andrea Regina is a PhD student in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program.

Issue: Social Justice
Student Researcher: Ana Laura Pauchulo

“Turning my work into something that can have an impact on society and on people’s everyday experiences is now a possibility.”

Ana Laura Pauchulo is committed to issues of social justice and education: focusing on education, not only as schooling, but education within a broader context and the different ways people teach and learn in society. Her work highlights how human rights groups in Argentina publicly and collectively remember the 1976-1983 dictatorship in an effort to consolidate democracy in the country.
Ana Laura Pauchulo is a PhD student in the Sociology and Equity Studies program.

Issue: Improving Student Outcomes
Student Researcher: Amanda-Mae Cooper

“Understanding data and how to use data properly in both the classroom and school-wide is important to improving student outcomes, schools and education.”

Student success may be a catch phrase to some, but to Amanda Cooper it means equity and social justice in relation to student outcomes so that everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or class will achieve the same quality of education.
Amanda-Mae Cooper is a MEd student in the Educational Administration program.

Issue: Canadian History
Student Researcher: Rose Fine-Meyer

“I’m very interested in Canadian social history including issues related to gender, race and class, and specifically the field of Canadian women’s history.”

Rose Fine-Meyer is involved with a number of organizations that do research and work on Canadian social history, particularly those that have to do with education as well as Canadian women. She recently won the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Canadian History for a course she created for senior level high school students entitled: Archives and Local History.
Rose-Fine Meyer is an EdD candidate in the History of Education program.