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Welcome to the OISE Alumni and Friends website

Alumni Association Members (2020-2022)


Table officers

Matt Stodolak
MT '17


Nikoletta Papadopoulos
MEd '13
Vice-President, Internal


Jamie Philip
MEd '16
Vice-President, External


Janet Fu
PhD '13


Amy Christine Parker
BEd '79


Cindy Sinclair
MEd '09, PhD '17
Immediate Past President




Meet the OISEAA's Members at Large

Global Alumni Network

Contact one of our Global Network Chairs below to connect with alumni in your region!



Awad Ibrahim, PhD '98
Professor, University of Ottawa
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa
E-mail  LinkedIn

Sabrina Persaud, MEd '13
Researcher and Policy Analyst
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa

Mimi Masson, PhD '18
Lecturer, University of Ottawa
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa
E-mail  LinkedIn

Kenneth Hoffman, BEd '13
Chemistry Educator and Writer
OISEAA Chair, Calgary

Devi Mucina, PhD '11
Director of Indigenous Governance, University of Victoria
OISEAA Co-Chair, Victoria, BC 

Mandeep Kaur Mucina, PhD '15
Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
OISEAA Co-Chair, Victoria, BC


United States

Trudy Sopp, MEd '76, PhD '82
Business Founder and Lecturer
OISEAA Chair, San Diego


United Kingdom

Andrew Boggs, MA '07
Director of Strategic Planning, St. Mary's University
OISEAA Co-Chair, London

Karen Edge, MA '98, PhD '05
Pro Vice-Provost (Int'l), University College London
OISEAA Co-Chair, London
E-mail  LinkedIn

China and Hong Kong

Brian Li
President, China Educational Channels
OISEAA Chair, Beijing
Email  LinkedIn

Carol Zhou, BEd '10
Teacher and Entrepreneur
OISEAA Chair, Hong Kong
Email  LinkedIn

Sulin (Celina) Cheng, MEd '14
Program Coordinator, Professional and International Programs, University of Toronto
OISE Chinese Alumni Association, Toronto
Email  LinkedIn


Lems Leonie Crooks, BEd '02, MA '04
Educator and Sociologist (Retired)
OISEAA Chair, Ghana



Shawna Carroll, MEd '11, PhD '18
Senior Assistant Professor, Okayama University
OISEAA Chair, Okayama
E-mail   LinkedIn