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Alumni Association Members (2018-2020)

Colleagues, friends and new connections. 

OISEAA 2018-2020

Executive Members


Cindy Sinclair
MEd '09, PhD '17


Sulin (Celina) Cheng
MEd '14
Vice-President, Internal


Matt Stodolak
MT '17
Vice-President, External



MEd '13 



Amy Christine Parker
BEd '07



Nadia Bedok, MEd '11
Nadia has been a teacher for 10 years, from elementary through post-seoncondary. She is currently a professor at Seneca College. Her former roles include Learning Strategist in Accessible Learning Services at Seneca, a Constituency Assistant (Outreach) for the government at the provincial and federal level, and a Sales Representative for Nelson Education.
Silvia Birsan, MEd '00  
Silvia has contributed to the OISEAA since 2012. She is Chair of the OISE Leaders and Legends Awards Committee and a recipient of the U of T Arbor Award. 
Silvia is a psychology professor at Centennial and Seneca College and the founder of Rites of Passage, an educational and counselling organization. 
Jason Brennan, MT '11  
Jason is a doctoral candidate at OISE, where he teaches in the initial teacher education program. He also teaches high school. Jason is an Ontario Graduate Scholar and OISEAA Doctoral Fellow. He is a recipient of the U of T Arbor Award and the Adrienne Clarkson Laureateship in Public Service from Massey College, where he is a Junior Fellow.
Shawna Carroll, MEd '11, PhD '18  
Shawna recently completed her doctorate degree at OISE. Formerly, she was an instructor and faculty advisor at Trent University's School of Education. She also enjoyed working at the OISE Student Service Centre in addition to her duties at the OISEAA. Shawna now teaches in Japan and works with our global alumni network. 
Wakako Ishikawa, MA '03, PhD '18
Wakako was born in Tokyo and came to Toronto after she graduated from university to attend OISE. She wrote about Japanese-Canadian education in the internment camps during World War II for her master's thesis. Shortly thereafter, she met the former President of OISE Alumni Association, late Carol Golench who invited her to join the OISEAA. While a member, Wakako completed her PhD research which focused on public health education in Timor-Leste.
Tracey King, MEd '10
Tracey King, Essinhs Kwe (Little Shell Woman) is Ojibway and Pottawatomi, Otter clan and is a citizen of Wasauksing First Nation. She is the first Indigenous Human Resources Consultant in Canada at Ryerson University. For 28 years, she worked full-time in Indigenous community organizations and universities in a variety of roles including counselling, employment and training, policy and program development, and more. Tracey is a dedicated member of the OISEAA and a recipient of the U of T Arbor Award for outstanding volunteer leadership.
Kristina Leis, MEd '17
Kristina is a recent graduate from OISE's Social Justice Education program, where she participated in the U of T's student union council, SJE student caucus, and other committees. Her master's work focused on alternative ways of thinking about special education within public school boards in Ontario. Kristina is passonate about accessibility, social justice and inclusive education. She is currently a volunteer blogger at Really Really Free Market, and a teacher at Oxford Learning Centre Inc. Kristina is a new and enthuasistic member of the OISEAA who brings expertise in events, project coordination, curriculum and policy. 
Peter Liu, PhD '81, C Psych
Peter is currently retired and volunteers as Chair of the OISE Mentorship Program, in addition to having served as an Alumni Mentor. Peter's career spanned more than three decades during which time he worked in numerous educational sectors and international communities in the capacity of a School Psychologist, Organizational Consultant and Associate Professor/Program Director. He continues to maintain professional registration as a Psychologist in Ontario.
Sofya Malik, PhD '16
Sofya currently holds a sessional lecturer position at OISE and works at the Ontario Ministry of Education. During her studies, Sofya’s doctoral research focused on knowledge mobilization efforts in Ontario. Sofya is passionate about improving the classroom experience and bridging research, policy and practice—with the goal of improving students’ experience and success. As an active member of the OISE Alumni Association, she chairs the Alumni & Friends Leadership Lecture Series. 
Mimi Masson, PhD '18
Mimi is a foreign language course lecturer at Ottawa U and a research consultant at Canadian Parents for French. Her teaching career spans over 10 years, during which time she taught French, English and foreign language pedagogy in various contexts and sectors. Her doctoral research explored how professional learning networks can support Canadian French as a second language teachers. In 2017, Mimi won the SSHRC Storytellers Award in recognition for her research contributions.
Joel Mukwedeya, ME '17
Joel holds a Master’s of Education degree in Adult Education and Community Development from OISE. He is both an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), and a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) holder in the United Kingdom, in good standing. Joel is thrilled to volunteer with OISE Alumni Association because alumni give valuable support, loyal marketing, viable job shadowing, and immediate promotion across their personal and professional networks to current students. He enjoys donating his time to others because he feels a sense of accomplishment when the students we help achieve their personal and professional goals faster and sooner in today's competitive job market.
Jeff Myers, MA '07, PhD '13
Jeff has been an active member of the OISEAA since graduating from OISE in 2013 and has served as the organization’s President, Treasurer, and, currently, Member-at-Large. Jeff works in the field of international education with an organization that brings thousands of young people to Canada for educational programs every year. His academic interests and passions include citizenship and nationalism, critical approaches to language education, and social action for change.
Lindsay Shaddy, BEd '94
Lindsay is an active member of the OISEAA and a member of the Ontario bar. With a background in public affairs, Lindsay worked for six years as coordinator of law and economics at Havergal College. She has also held senior government relations and communications positions with TD Bank, The Canadian Bankers’ Association and the TSX. Currently, Lindsay is a consultant at The SeaBoard Group, which helps companies and governments grow value. 
Dana Sheikh, MA '82, PhD '87
Dana is a higher education consultant with a specialisation in international issues. With over 20 years’ experience, she has held many roles in Canada and abroad. She was Director of International Development and Research at U of T and worked on several senior research projects. She was also a member of the Executive Board of the International Association of Universities in Paris. For seven years, she was a member of the Board of Governors at Humber Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning. Dana obtained her PhD in policy and theory of higher education and her MA in adult education from OISE. She continues to mentor higher education doctoral students at OISE.
Michael Sinclair, PhD '79
Michael pursued a professional career in over 15 developing countries in adult education, technical management, post-secondary planning, and more. He was assistant director of education programs at the Commonwealth Secretariat, and led a project involving Canadian universities and colleges in Southeast Asia. He's held several positions with the Ontario Government, which led to his doctoral thesis on youth unemployment. At OISE, Michael was a student representative on the Graduate Studies Standing Committee and the Dean’s advisory council, among other roles. Today, Michael dedicates his time to the OISEAA and mentorship program.
Edward Thompson, MA, PhD '79
Edward is a sociologist who graduated from OISE where his doctoral advisor was past-dean Michael Fullan. Edward has worked as a research director, a coordinator of continuing education, an administrator of alumni affairs, a lecturer at colleges and universities and a co-author of a social problems textbook, Social Problems in a Diverse Society. He is a past-president of the OISEAA where he received an Arbor Award for outstanding volunteer service and he currently chairs the Awards Committee. Edward is also president of Sinfonia Toronto, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and a member of the Warden’s Advisory Committee for the 100th anniversary of Hart House.
Anne Venton
Anne’s work with the OISEAA over the past 10 years includes co-chairing the 2011 Spring Reunion and serving as VP Internal and on the College of Electors. In 2015, she received an Arbor Award for her contributions. She worked for the TDSB for 30 years as a Media Literacy teacher and Head of Library. Since retirement, Anne has had extensive Board experience including serving as a decisionmaker on the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. She has also given papers nationally and internationally on ethics and media and participated in a lecture tour in Taiwan.


Global Network Chairs

oise alumni world map

arrow  Contact one of our Global Network Chairs to connect with alumni in your region


Awad Ibrahim, PhD '98
Professor, University of Ottawa
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Sabrina Persaud, MEd '13
Researcher and Policy Analyst
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Mimi Masson, PhD '18
Lecturer, University of Ottawa
OISEAA Co-Chair, Ottawa
E: mmasson@uottawa.ca


Ali Mohamed, BEd '10, MEd '18
Teacher, Vancouver School Board
OISEAA Chair, Vancouver
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Kenneth Hoffman, BEd '13
Chemistry Educator and Writer     
OISEAA Chair, Calgary
E: xxx@utoronto.ca



United States of America

Trudy Sopp, MEd '76, PhD '82
Business Founder and Lecturer
OISEAA Chair, California
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Coming soon...
OISEAA Chair in New York



United Kingdom

Andrew Boggs, MA '07
Director (Strategic Planning), St. Mary's University
OISEAA Co-Chair, London
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Karen Edge, MA '98, PhD '05
Pro Vice-Provost (Int'l), University College London
OISEAA Co-Chair, London
E: xxx@utoronto.ca



Lems Leonie CrooksBEd '02, MA '04
Educator and Sociologist (Retired)
OISEAA Chair, Ghana

E: xxx@utoronto.ca


China & Hong Kong

Brian Li
President, China Educational Channels
OISEAA Chair, Beijing
E: xxx@utoronto.ca

Carol Zhou, BEd '10
Teacher and Entrepreneur
OISEAA Chair, Hong Kong
E: xxx@utoronto.ca


Ex-officio (Non-Voting Members)

  • Glen Jones, PhD, Professor and Dean
  • Sim Kapoor, Director, Advancement and External Relations
  • Natalie Neumann Butler, Advancement Officer
  • Suryana Thappa, Advancement Officer
  • Richard DeLisle, Development Officer

Student Advisory Committee

  • Diana Burchell, MA '17, Chair, Student Advisory Committee 
    During her MA in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development, Diana frequently volunteered with the OISE Alumni Association. Now pursuing her PhD, Diana continues to be an active participant as Chair of the Student Advisory Committee, where she engages students to volunteer with alumni and the community at OISE. She is also involved with several accessibility initiatives on campus. Diana is a certified teacher in French, English and Special Education. She has experience working with the exceptionality community, especially in the field of dual diagnosis. Diana is highly passionate about the intersection of French as a second language, exceptionalities and mental health as a marginalized population.

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