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OISE Alumni Association Fellowship

Unique fellowship builds bridges between students and alumni.

Learn about the OISE Alumni Association Doctoral Fellowship and how you can join us in supporting student leaders 

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The OISE Alumni Association created the OISE Alumni Association Doctoral Fellowship through a generous, matched donation in 2014. Each year, the unique $10,000 fellowship honours and supports doctoral students who have volunteered with the Alumni Association.

"The award builds new bridges between students and alumni, which benefits OISE by creating new synergies and ongoing collaborations," said Jeff Myerspast President of the OISEAA. 

“Any time we can direct much-needed funds to deserving graduate students, we all win as a community. I couldn't be more proud of the hard-working team that made this award possible.” 

Follow Our Leadership

Support OISE students by Making a Gift of your own. Your donations will help financially aid and champion our promising student leaders. Find out more.  

Are you an OISE doctoral student? See OISEAA Fellowship eligibility and guidelines to apply.