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2007 Arbor Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2007 Arbor Award winners: David Booth, Gillian Mackay Graham, Ann Millar, Joseph Mulongo, Liz Terry and Cicely Watson, whose contributions to OISE have benefited and enriched our community in many ways. Recipients will be honoured at a reception at the President’s residence on Monday, September 27. 

Recipient List 


David Booth - 100th Anniversary
David Booth has been part of the 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee and has made valuable contributions in many aspects of the centennial events. He has been an active advisor and facilitator to the Dean and Dean’s Office throughout the centennial planning process. He has shown great leadership and commitment as Chair of the Anniversary Celebration Party Subcommittee. David also played key roles during high profile centennial events acting as moderator during the Teaching Excellence Panel discussion (part of the Centennial Lecture Series) and as a keynote speaker at the May 5 Open House and Reunion event. David Booth is a professor emeritus in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE and coordinator of the Pre-Service Elementary program. He is well known as an international speaker, having worked with teachers and administrators throughout Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and Asia. He has authored several books for teachers and parents and is an award-winning writer of picture books for children. David is a beloved member of the OISE community.

Gillian Mackay Graham - ICS Capital Campaign
As an active parent in the Institute of Child Study’s (ICS) Lab School, Gillian Graham took on many volunteer positions including President of the ICS Parents’ Association (Lab School). Her leadership role for the 75th Reunion Celebration of ICS continued beyond 2001, continues to the present as the founding President of the ICS Alumni Association (Lab School). In this role, Gillian co-edited the newly created Lab School alumni newsletter, “Echo”, now in its sixth year. Her team of alumni writers includes some of Canada’s leading journalists on its roster of contributors. This leadership work with the ICS Lab School alumni, helped lay the groundwork for the current ICS Capital Campaign. Gillian Graham currently serves as a member of the Campaign’s Advisory Board.

Anne Millar - 100th Anniversary
Anne Millar has been an active member of the 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee. As a committee member, she acted as a senior advisor and provided historical insight on teacher education to the Dean and Dean’s Office from the initial planning stages onward. As Chair of the Publication Subcommittee she showed exemplary leadership through countless additional hours writing, editing and adjudicating the content for the centennial commemorative book. To mark the launch of the Centennial year, OISE published this 100 page commemorative book entitled” Inspiring Education: Celebrating 100 Years of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto in fall 2006. Anne Millar is a former Associate Dean of both the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto (FEUT: 1983-1996) and The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT: 1996-1999). She is a well-respected member of the OISE community who continues to be actively involved during her retirement.

Joseph Mulongo - 100th Anniversary
Joseph Mulongo has been an active member of the 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee. As the key representative of graduate students, he enlisted the participation of the student community in various centennial activities and supported the Dean’s Office with a number of centennial communications initiatives. He also showed personal commitment and participation in centennial activities and events including the May 5 Open House and Reunion and provided input and support with the selection of OISE commemorative merchandise. Joseph Mulongo has received other awards at OISE including the OISE/UT Outstanding Student Commendation Award and the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award both in 2004. He is currently an EdD candidate in Educational Administration in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education at OISE. Joseph has been an involved and outstanding citizen in the OISE community and is very serving of this special recognition.

Liz Terry - OISE Alumni Association Executive
Liz Terry has been a valued member of OISE’s Alumni Association Executive since 2001. Her many contributions in this longstanding role include her valuable support of OISE during the centennial year where she volunteered as an alumni ambassador at many of the centennial events. She has also shown support as an OISE Alumni Association representative for our new graduates during Convocation. Since 2001, Liz has demonstrated her leadership and commitment as Chair of the Oral History Project, a gift from the OISE Alumni Association to the institution in honour of the 100th Anniversary. Liz truly demonstrates the spirit of the Arbor Award and is an outstanding alumni ambassador for the OISE community.


Cicely Watson - 100th Anniversary
Cicely Watson has been an enthusiastic supporter of the centennial celebrations at OISE. As a very active member of the 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee, Cicely’s contributions to celebration planning and implementation over the past two years have been outstanding. She provided thoughtful insight, advice, countless hours of volunteer time and was involved in many aspects of the centennial events and activities. Her historical knowledge of OISE and its antecedents played a key role in the development of both the Centennial Publication and the Archival Project. She also gave valuable input, showed commitment and participated in the highly successful May 5 Open House and Reunion event. Cicely Watson is currently a professor emeritus in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education at OISE. When OISE was first established in 1965, Cicely Watson was the first head of the Educational Planning Department which offered the first educational planning degree program in the world. On the occasion of Cicely’s 80th birthday in November 2001, the Higher Education Group at OISE created the Cicely Watson Graduate Scholarship to honour her amazing career-long contributions. Cicely is a remarkable historian whose extensive knowledge of OISE and all its antecedents has helped to make the centennial year a great success.