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By Fred Michah Rynor

Lead Investigator, Policy Adviser, Consultant and Research Fellow; Dr. Karen Edge (MA '98, PhD '05) brings a lot to the table when explaining the constantly changing subject of workplace and home pressures in the academic workplace.

Karen EdgeSpeaking to a full house on 'The Global Quest for Work/Life Balance: Emerging Patterns of Generation X' on December 11th, Edge, Senior Lecturer at the University of London’s Institute of Education, explained the intricacies of her research and how her focus on Generation X educators has revealed enlightening – and disturbing – insights.

This age group is coming to terms with the personal costs of their careers due to ill health, relationship crises, daycare issues, classroom stress, career burnout – even the lack of available life partners – Edge has found.

“We collaborate with school administrations, principals, teachers and students in Toronto, New York and London, England, focusing on those born within the 1960 to 1980 demographic,” she explained. “Our goal is to understand more by examining career trajectories, professional identities, intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.”

Alumni, staff and students learned of risk factors that can touch anyone during their teaching careers.

“I found this very interesting,” stated Rose Dyson, (MEd '85; EdD '95). “This kind of event helps keep us in touch with our Alma Mater while continuing to learn and grow.”

Anthony Hunt (MEd '89) came not only for the subject matter but to “reconnect and network with like-minded educators. There are always so many interesting talks at OISE and tonight I learned quite a lot.”

The topic was of particular interest to Oswald Almasi PhD '93).

“I spend too much time working,” said this professor of African Studies at New College. He plans to put what he heard to good use.

“I've acquired some very pertinent information from this lecture which I’m going to take back to my office.”

Video recording of the event is available online.