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Make an Impact

Help give students the educational experience they deserve. 

Campaigns | Stories of Impact | Mentorship Program

When you donate to OISE, your contributions make it possible for us to remove financial barriers, so that a higher education is accessible to a wider range of students including underrepresented, visible minority, and Indigenous students. 


William G. Davis Golden Anniversary Leadership Scholarship

Through vision and leadership, William G. Davis changed the course of education in Ontario. This scholarship will support graduate student leaders who are the next generation's change-makers.  

Dr. Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry

While academics have been conducting antipsychiatry research for over half a century, this is the first scholarship in the world to support scholars and the antipsychiatry movement.

Graduate Teacher Education Fund

Help change the life of one future teacher, who will in turn change the lives of generations of students. Make a contribution towards graduate student teacher education today. 

Indigenous Education Programs and Initiatives

OISE is committed to advancing Indigenous rights within education. With your support, we will continue to expand Indigenous programs, support Indigenous learners, and create more open and truthful education systems.

Stories of Impact

OISE alumni, donors, faculty and students are making a meaningful difference. 

These stories illustrate the tremendous impact your contributions can have. 

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A Student's Story

Once an at-risk student, now a Vari Scholar

A Donor's Story

Inspired alumnus makes the gift of a lifetime

Dr. William Waters

Three initiatives to change the face of urban education


katie kovacs


A Vari Scholar's Story

One student shares the profound impact a donor has made in her life.



A Lab School's Story

OISE's world acclaimed lab school opens its "new" doors with incredible donor support.





The Mentorship Program


Connecting alumni and students, experience and talent.

Experience the rewards of mentoring a student. Give advice, make connections, and see what you discover along the way!

How do alumni benefit? 

  • Network with grad students and fellow alums
  • Enhance your professional experience
  • Share wisdom with up-and-coming professionals
  • Help build a strong education community