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OISE Mentorship Program for Student Mentees 

Connecting talented students with experienced alumni. 

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Mentorship is a great way to connect with alumni who are experienced in your fields of interest and build your network.



What students are saying... 

"After being connected to my mentor for 3 weeks, I was offered a teaching position through this new connection. This could not have happened without the OISE Mentorship Program and your team's dedication to connecting the right people together. I am so grateful for the opportunity and would recommend this program to everyone.

OISEMP has already succeeded and helped me beyond my professional goals. Also, a huge thank you to my alumni mentor!"

- Donata Ling, OISE Mentee 2017-18

We're on social media! 

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It's an International Experience  

This is an international mentorship program, so participants are sometimes located across Canada or around the globe. 

Ways to Connect

Online communication is sometimes the best way for mentors and mentees to connect. Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, FaceTime, or even a phone call, are just some of the ways you can connect digitally.  

Meeting Your Match 

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet, chat and collaborate in person! We provide a fun opportunity to meet your match and other alumni and students at the annual launch event. 

OISE boasts many great spots for your meetups (OISE Library or Nexus Lounge, anyone?), so does the U of T campus and its surrounding parks and cafes (Philosopher's Walk is one hidden gem). 

Sign Me Up

As an OISE student, you will automatically receive an email invitation each year to complete a mentee profile in September.

The program starts in October, marked by an annual launch event at OISE. Those who sign up will receive an email early October with their new mentor's contact details and an invitation to attend the launch event.

Feel like your not receiving our emails? Contact us, and we'll make sure you're on the list. 


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Did you know? Doctoral students can apply for the OISE Alumni Association Fellowship which recognizes and supports those students who volunteer with our alumni. Learn more