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Wall of Well Wishes

Send a congratulatory note or picture to that special graduate - or the entire graduating class of 2020. Click here to send your best wishes.

To Class of 2020,

Congratulation to all fellow graduates! Our passion, Education, and OISE brought us together, and we'll always be as OISE alumni
Wishing you all the best

Arwa Alsalem, 2020-11-27

To Arwa Alsalem,

"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

-- Ray Goforth

I and Dana are confident that you gonna make a great difference. We're proid of you ♥️♥️

Bader Alamro, 2020-11-26

To Entire graduating class,

Your perseverance and hardwork worth this honor. I wish you greater heights in your endeavors. Congratulations on your achievement.

Titilola Omotosho, 2020-11-26

To Christian Noumi,

Knowing the journey, is part of what makes this academic achievement so special. Congrats to you Christian and I hope that we stay in touch in the coming years.

Be well!

Denise Angela Makovac, 2020-11-26

To All of this year's Graduates!!,

So excited to be able to join in the celebration today.

To the Master of Teaching grads, who are bring excellence to our classrooms: enjoy the exciting journey ahead of you.

To my fellow doctoral grads: Congratulations on reaching the end of an intense, extremely rewarding process!

It was definitely worth it, returning to academic studies after more than 30 years in the classroom.

Terry Whitmell, 2020-11-26

To Zainab Zafar,

Congratulations Zainab on accomplishing this milestone
So proud of you!

Dr. Lopez

Ann Lopez, 2020-11-23

To Lea Nsouli,

Congratulations Lea! You did it!
Your research examining issues of diversity in K-12 schools in Quebec will make a significant contribution
So proud of you
Dr. Lopez

Ann Lopez, 2020-11-23

To Charis Newton,

Congratulations Charis on your achievement!

Dr. Lopez

Ann  Lopez, 2020-11-23

To Entisar Yusuf and Entire OISE 2020 Graduating Class,

Congratulations to the OISE Graduating Class of 2020
Special Congratulations to Entisar Yusuf who completed her Masters of Education and conducted important research on Black graduate students Navigating Predominantly White Higher Education Institutions.
Well Done Entisar! So proud of you
Dr. Lopez

Ann Lopez, 2020-11-23

To The #2020 Graduates of OISE!,

Hello fellow #2020 Graduates of OISE!

Congratulations on all of your achievements and hard work! Time to celebrate!

Ross Murray
M.Ed 2020

Ross Murray, 2020-11-22

To Everyone!,

Wishing all OISE graduates the very best!
Thank you to the amazing professors.
Together, we can make Canada a better place to live, work, grow and learn for everyone!

Kien Luu
November, 2020

Kien Luu, 2020-11-21

To Joey Lee,

Memory eternal dear Joey Lee! I am sending much appreciation and kindness to Joey’s family on this tender occasion. I will miss Joey and keep her and your family in my thoughts for a long time to come.

Eve Tuck, 2020-11-21

To Mina Alves,

Congrats Mina, on your graduation! You did so much beautiful work along the way. Excited for what comes next!

Eve Tuck, 2020-11-21

To Ateeqa Arain,

Congratulations, Ateeqa!!!

You've worked so diligently and faced all sort of hardship to get here to this day.

You truly deserve this. Wishing you the very best in life always.

Rock on, girl!

Abdul Basit Saeed, 2020-11-21

To Christine Ghobrial,

Hey Chris! Congrats on this awesome achievement. It was so great learning and laughing with you, in the 'Terrific Three'.
I wish you every success in wherever your future takes you.
Remember... Ignorance is Bliss! ;)

Barb Kay, 2020-11-19

To Class of 2020,

Congratulations everyone! You rock! I hope to study & graduate from OISE again I so hope for this to happen :(
Very proud of each one of you!

Afrah S, 2020-07-17

To Class of 2020,

Congratulations OISE GRADS! You did it class of 2020!! #newOISEALUM #Classof2020

Jamie Philip, 2020-06-30

To Class of 2020,

Congratulations to all of you. I hope that your experience at OISE has been as rewarding for you as it has been for me. You are talented and bright individuals who are ready to take the next chapter in your life. Together, we can change the world. Best wishes.

Christina Hutchinson, 2020-06-29

To Class of 2020,

Congratulations to all of you. I hope that your experience at OISE has been as rewarding for you as it has been for me. You are talented and bright individuals who are ready to take the next chapter in your life. Together, we can change the world. Best wishes.

Christina Hutchinson, 2020-06-29

To Sadia Iqbal,

Congrats! I’m so proud of you for achieving your goals. The kids of the future would be so lucky to have you as a teacher.

Rabia Chaudhry, 2020-06-26

To The entire graduating class of 2020!,

In a season of difficult endings, your resiliency and ability to finish well just shows how you are all going to change the world. To new beginnings, to new change and to an incredible class - best wishes!

B Ju, 2020-06-26

To Charis Newton-Thompson,

Congratulations Charis.
You've worked hard to accomplish your goal.
This is a challenging time that we are in and although you've already made your incredible mark on this country of ours, I look forward to the ways you will continue to make your mark.
All the very best.

From Walda

Walda Clarke, 2020-06-16

To Grad Class of 2020,

Congratulations to everyone on this wonderful achievement! Being at OISE helped connect me with now some of my closest friends and amazing professors. So many wonderful memories and moments have been at this institution; a truly unforgettable experience. All the best in your future careers! :D

Karen Kumar, 2020-06-16

To Grads 2020,

We did it! I have OISE, and each one of its amazing community members, to thank for the wonderful opportunities, knowledge, and wisdom it has imparted on me during my time as student. I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds!

Claudia Cousineau, 2020-06-16

To OISE Grads of 2020,

Dear Grads,

I am honoured and proud to be graduating alongside you all this year. No matter the adversity or challenges we may face, I know that OISE has given us a strong educational foundation and the tools to rise to the occasion and make a difference in the world. To all of my professors and research supervisors, thank you for the diverse learning experiences and invaluable lessons in and out of the classroom. To my new friends, thank you for the support, inspiration, and the immense kindness you have shown me throughout my degree here at OISE.

May you all find success and happiness in your future endeavours!

Kind wishes and best of luck for wherever you go next!

Shona Mistry, DPE M.Ed., Class of 2020.

Shona Mistry, 2020-06-16

To The entire graduating class,

Congratulations the entire graduating class for your persveverance that brought you this far.Cheers to fulfilling years of exploit in your career.

Titilola Omotosho, 2020-06-16

To Aditi Bamal,

Congratulations my dear friend and colleague! Looking forward to share class with you once more in the future... Go Change the World my dear Aditi

Latifa  Soliman, 2020-06-16

To Grad2020,

My heartfelt congratulations to all UofT graduating class of 2020 and little more for my OISE classmates!

Shahidul Islam, 2020-06-16

To OISE Graduates 2020,

You did it! I know what it takes - I am an M.Ed. hoping to finish soon and I appreciate the journey that brought you to this moment. Way to go and enjoy the day and celebrate!

Denise Makovac, 2020-06-16

To 2020 Grads,

Having graduated a few years ago, the life from here onward can be quite adventurous and rewarding. As once UofT students, you know that you're very resilient. Carry that on to strengthen your character, your mind and be the best that you can be for the sake of goodness.

Penney P, 2020-06-16

To 2020 Grads,

Congratulations to each and all. Your perseverance is inspiring. We are proud to claim you as alumni and believe that each of you has the capacity to be difference makers in education and in your diverse communities. Wishing you health and happiness going forward.

Charles Pascal, 2020-06-15

To Fellow Grads of 2020,

Many of us have taken very different paths to earn this achievement, and we may take very different paths in the future because of our degrees. This, for me, is the beauty of OISE! I hope now, and always, the Institute feels like a welcoming place for students of all backgrounds. You make OISE, and you helped make the experience for me. I've seen great passion and determination from you to improve the world through education (and don't we need it!). Your graduation feels like an exciting prospect in a time when there is a lot of uncertainty. I feel wholly optimistic of the real difference you're going to make. I know because I learned a lot from you, my peers, during my studies. So I hope you continue to do incredible things — and carve your own path to a better world. From one grad to another, heartfelt congrats.

Natalie Neumann Butler, 2020-06-15

To The Class of 2020,

A HUGE CONGRATS on your achievements! Wishing you all the best for what's to come.

Andrew Situ, 2020-06-15

To The Class of 2020,

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

The world is yours. You have the power to impact the lives of others in ways I can't begin to fathom. You are so crucial and your work so necessary. We are so proud of you, this day is for you.

Onward! All the best to you.

Perry King, 2020-06-15

To OISE Grads,

Warmest congratulations to all of you - our wonderful OISE grads!! May you continue to grow, challenge yourselves and others, and soak in the moments as you move into the next phase of your professional lives.

Michele Peterson-Badali, 2020-06-15

To Class of 2020,

Congratulations to the OISE Class of 2020. The future holds no promises, but rather mysteries and surprises. What you’ve learned these past several years will prepare you for both. Congratulations on this great milestone and all the best for the future.

Meredith  K. Sinclair, 2020-06-12