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Deferral of Fees Based on Receipt of Major Award


This Fee Deferral form is NOT needed:

  1. For deferrals based on receiving OSAP. Fee deferrals based on OSAP can be processed online through ACORN.

  2. If you are receiving a Graduate Base Funding PackageFee deferrals for funded cohort students can be processed online through ACORN.  


This Fee Deferral form "Request to Register Without Payment" is for:

  1. Graduate students who are receiving a major award, either external or internal;

  2. Graduate students awarded a Graduate Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship (but not receiving a Graduate Base Funding Package).

A fee deferral will register you on the ACORN system, as well as defer all service charges until April 30, 2021.

The request for tuition fee deferral is conditional on the following:

  • That your award covers the minimum first payment indicated on your Fees Invoice
  • That all admission conditions have been met
  • That your account does not have an outstanding balance from a previous session.


Instructions for Completion and Submission of "Request to Register Without Payment" Form

• Open the Request to Register Without Payment Form.  Please view the form with Adobe Acrobat to use the fillable form fields.
• Complete and sign the form. Unsigned requests or incomplete forms will not be processed. All requested information is required in order to process the deferral.
• Submit the completed form to by TBA.