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Graduate Assistantship FAQs


Can I hold a GA and a major external scholarship?

You cannot hold a GA in the fall/winter terms if you have a major scholarship during that period.  However, this rule does not apply for the summer GA positions, even if you are receiving an instalment of your scholarship in the summer session.


Can I hold a GA and a TA or Course Instructor position?

If you hold a full TA or an course instructorship position you cannot hold a GA in the fall/winter session.  You can hold a half TA position (one term) and a GA at the same time.  If you are receiving a OISE Graduate Funding Package, the half TA and half GA will be considered part of your funding package.


Can I hold a GA while working as a research assistant for a faculty member?

There is no rule against you working as a research assistantship while holding a GA nor is there a limit to the number of hours you may work.


On what day do I receive payment for my Graduate Assistantship?

GA are paid monthly during the term of their contract. Payments are processed on the 28th of each month .  If there is a delay in starting your GA payments you will receive retro payments once it begins.


How is the payment processed?

All GA payments are processed through the HR system.


Do I have to submit timesheets?

You are not required to submit timesheets to the Dean’s Office.  Once you are matched with a GA position you need to speak to your supervisor regarding your work schedule.  Your supervisor may require you to report your hours but that will be between the two of you.


What happens if I am awarded a GA but I complete my program during the academic session?

All students holding a GA must be registered full-time in an eligible program.  If you complete your program part-way through the academic year, your GA will be cancelled.


I need a letter stating that I am employed by the University to give to my sponsor.  How do I get this?

If you require a letter stating that you are employed you will need to contact the HR Department to make this request.  The letter cannot be produced by either the Dean’s Office or your home department.