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Payroll Documentation

Graduate Assistantships (GA), Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Course Instructorships (CI) are processed through the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) by the OISE Graduate Funding office. Payments are made in equal monthly installments disbursed through direct deposit to your bank account. Please note: monthly payments are paid out as T4 income and subject to applicable taxes and Union dues. Students must have a valid Canadian bank account.

Payments will be processed once you are set up on the HRIS payroll system.


Getting on the payroll system

You must provide OISE's Human Resources Office with the documentation listed below. Once completed, documents must be submitted to the Graduate Funding Officer, Margaret Tang, located on the 12th floor of OISE, room 138.

1. Your full name, student number, department, program of study and position (i.e. GA, TA or CI).

2Provincial Tax Credit Form complete, signed and dated. 

3. Federal Tax Credit Form complete, signed and dated.  

4. Void cheque from a Canadian Banking Institution. If you cannot provide a void cheque, you must complete and submit a Pre-Authorization Payment or Deposit Form. These forms are provided by your bank. Note: Students must have a valid Canadian bank account.

5. Social Insurance Number (SIN) card/letter for verification*. If you do not have or lost your card/letter, you will need to apply for one and submit proof of having applied. Once you receive your card/letter, please bring in your original card/letter for verification purposes. 

*Information for international students - To apply for a SIN card, you will need 1) a copy of your Student Authorization; and 2) a letter of employment. You can obtain a letter of employment by e-mailing oise.gradfinasst@utoronto.ca. Please note: if your SIN and/or Visa expires during the academic year, your payments will stop until you provide the HR Office with new documentation.

To learn more about getting a work permit, social insurance number, and other immigration documentation, please visit the International Student Centre website.



Payroll documentation will be available online through the University’s Employee Self-Service System (ESS). This includes electronic delivery of your pay statement, tax documentation (i.e. T4), and other payroll documentation as made available from time to time. You can print copies of these documents directly from ESS.



If you have questions about GA, or TA please contact oise.gradfinasst@utoronto.ca