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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

  • Apply for Additional Qualifications courses
    (Note that a valid email address and credit card are required)
  • Check the registration status of your application
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Research and Development Graduate Assistantships (R&D GA)


Graduate Assistantships provide remuneration for graduate students who are engaged in research and/or field development oriented projects contributing to their academic and professional development.

  • R&D GAs are unionized positions represented by CUPE 3907 (room 8-104; Ph.416-978-2403; cupe3907@gmail.com)
  • Most R&D GA positions are posted in June for the academic year with a few being offered in the summer session.
  • A GA pays $6,132.06 per term (approximately 10 hours per week – 120 hours per term).
  • To be eligible for an R&D GA you must be a full time OISE student in one of the following programs as of September 1, 2017
    • Full-time Ph.D in Years 1-6
    • Full-time Ed.D in Years 1-4
    • Full-time Flex Ph.D in Years 1-5 provided that you have not previously held a GA position with OISE and can confirm that you are pursuing your studies on a full-time basis during 2017-18. See article 14:00 of the CUPE 3907 Collective Agreement. Documentation must be provided with the submission of your GA application. A Graduate Assistantship, Summer Graduate Assistantship, or R&D Graduate Assistantship are all part of the same union and the limit of one position encompasses all three types of GAships
    • Full time MA students in Years 1-2 (or, if in the SCCP program, MA-SCCP in Years 1-3)
    • Full-time M.Ed. students in Years 1-2
    • Full-time MT & MA CSE students in Years 1-2

Furthermore: Students holding a combination of 1) scholarships, 2) fellowships, and/or 3) OISE-arranged TA or course instructorships greater than $12, 000 are not eligible for Fall/Winter 2017-18 GA positions. 

R&D Job Postings

  • Eligibility criteria are posted on each individual job posting.
  • Students may not concurrently hold a Graduate Assistantship and an R&D Graduate Assistantship
  • Please quote the job number and your student number in your covering letter.
  • If applying to multiple R&D GA positions please include a covering letter for each job.


R&D Graduate Assistantships for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

Click on the job numbers below for instructions on how to apply and for details about each position.

Job # Faculty Name Dept Deadline Date
205 Lauren Bialystok SJE June 23, 2017
206 Becky Chen APHD June 23, 2017
207 George Dei SJE June 23, 2017
208 Kathleen Gallagher CTL June 23, 2017
209 Ruben Gaztambide-Fernandez CTL June 23, 2017
210  Roy Gillis APHD June 23, 2017
211 Abby Goldstein APHD June 23, 2017
212 Jack Quarter LHAE June 23, 2017
213 Eve Tuck SJE June 23, 2017
214 Eve Tuck SJE June 23, 2017
215 Leesa Wheelahan LHAE June 23, 2017

Graduate Assistantship FAQs