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Teaching Assistantship (TA) Tracking for Directors & Chairs

Welcome to the new online Teaching Assistantships website for Directors and Chairs. We have developed this website to help you keep track of all your teaching assistants in your unit.  This website is part of a fully online system that allows us to automate many parts of the teaching assistantship appointment process.

The entire online process involves two systems:

  1. The TA Posting System - the systems used for posting new teaching assistantship positions, reviewing applications, ranking and matching.
  2. This TA Tracking System - the system used for tracking your teaching assistants in your unit. 

With this shift from a paper-based process to an online system, we hope to improve instructor, student and administrator experience by providing greater transparency and access for everyone.

For the purposes of this system, an appointment is defined as the teaching assistant's initial assignment plus their 5 subsequent assignments. An assignment is the job that they perform as part of their appointment.

Teaching assistants are represented by The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 Unit 1 (CUPE Local 3902).


How to use this website:

Bookmark this website if you are a Director or a Chair of a unit with teaching assistants (TA).  On this webpage you will find:

  1. Appointments Tab: A list of all your teaching assistant appointments with details (starting year, expiry year, guaranteed number of hours, etc.)
  2. Jobs Tab: A list of all the jobs within your unit that has a teaching assistant (with links to the DDAH form and contract)

If there are any discrenpancies in the data, please contact

To view the entire process and timelines, click here.


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